LNX Protocol Arcturus Testnet Pre-Release Teaser | January 2020

Wei Duong
Wei Duong
Jan 23 · 5 min read

After months of intense designing, development, and iterating, our testnet rapid development phase is coming toward an end. The LNX Platform team is finishing up the last phase of internal testing, and will be releasing the Arcturus Testnet to the public at the end of this month.

What You Can Expect

The two mainline products that will be released for Arcturus testnet are the executable binaries for the LNX Protocol Node, and a browser based app for interacting with the LNX Protocol Network, the LNX Wallet. This article will offer a preview for each of these two mainline LNX products.

LNX Protocol Node

The LNX Protocol network is a decentralized, trust-less, cryptocurrency network that utilizes a hybrid topology of a Directed Acyclic Graph, and a canonical chain of State Matrices for scalable and secure processing of transactions. The network is made up of individual, decentralized LNX Protocol nodes that can participate in processing transactions for the DAG layer, or staking and validating for the Matrix Chain, or both.


The version of LNX Protocol Node that will be released for testnet will be an alpha work-in-progress version of the product, but will contain most of the fundamental functionalities that define the LNX Protocol, allowing users to:

  • Create secure wallet accounts through the LNX Wallet;
  • Transfer funds between encrypted accounts securely and efficiently;
  • Listening for events and account changes either through the LNX Wallet or a custom frontends using the provided API library;
  • Querying the state of the network, including both the Matrix Chain and the DAG;
  • Etc.

We believe that continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection, and thus want to release Arcturus Testnet out to the public as early as possible, and then re-iterate and expand on the existing features while receiving feedback from our community developers and users.

Our engineers using console tools to verify that the state hashes between LNX-Bridge and LNX-DAG components are correct.


Acturus Testnet binaries will be distributed using a pre-built Docker image, published to our official repository on Docker Hub.

For the release of Arcturus, LNX Protocol node binaries will be distributed in the form of a pre-built Docker image file, published to Docker Hub.

We wanted to distribute the binaries using a Docker image because there is a fair amount of environmental setting up required, and we want to make it as accessible as possible for our users to run their own node, and thus using containers was the natural choice. This also helps us to have a standardized running environment, and thus making it easier for us to debug issues that may come up from real world testing of our network.

Using a container also allows users to use Kubernetes or Docker Swarm in the future to automate their deployment of LNX node servers.

After we open source our repositories in the near future, users will also be able to simply be able to build the binaries themselves from source files, which can target most common operating systems.

We will operate a small quorum of LNX Protocol nodes to seed the Arcturus Testnet network, and to ensure that developers can test out certain things without having to run a full node themselves.

Anyone else will also be free to operate and run a full node using the distributed binaries. Our network is completely decentralized, permission-less, and Byzantine Fault Tolerant.

LNX Distribution Binaries will contain quickstart shell scripts to allowing users to painlessly spin up their own instance of LNX node.

More Information

For more in-depth information on LNX Protocol from a more theoretical stand, please refer to our POC paper.

LNX Web Wallet

LNX Web Wallet is a light browser based client written in-house to interact with the LNX Protocol network.

Framework and Tools

We built the client using the Vue.js web framework, for its light footprint and capacity for highly reactive components that can update in real time when new data and events are transmitted to the client from the LNX Protocol network.

A number of popular plug-ins from the Vue.js framework are used, such as Vuex and Elemental UI, and we are using a modified version of the open source Speckle browser extension to manage Web3 addresses and private keys.

LNX Wallet uses a modified version of Speckle browser extension to manage keys and signing.
LNX Wallet has all the standard transaction features found in cryptocurrency wallets plus a lot more.

LNX Client API Library

While building the LNX Wallet in-house, we created an API library that allows custom frontend clients to be easily built and interact with the LNX Protocol network.

This library is written in Typescript and serves as essentially an RPC wrapper allowing frontend applications concise function calls to interact with LNX Protocol backends. It also performs a number of other functions such as network discovery and transaction encoding, which are required for a light client to function properly.

This library is in the process of being submitted to NPM, and will also be open sourced shortly on GitHub. We want our community of developers to be easily build upon and expand on what we have created, using the LNX Protocol development tools available. In that sense, the LNX Wallet is more akin to a proof of concept, and we expect to see more advanced, and more specialized frontend client from our community in the near future.

LNX Client API includes a suite of API protocols useful for building a frontend client, including detailed statistics of both LNX DAG Layer and the underlying State Matrix layer.

Distribution and Hosted Application

We will be fully open sourcing the repository for the LNX Wallet shortly after Arcturus release.

And further more, the LNX Wallet will be directly hosted on the LNX Protocol homepage as a hosted application, after the release of Arcturus Testnet.


There will be a lot more information to come in the following weeks on the LNX Arcturus Testnet and related product releases. We have many more mainline products and sideline products in the pipelines, and will unveil them as we are ready.

So stay tuned, as we look forward to the imminent release of Arcturus, and the parabolic ecosystem growth that will be brought forth with opening up of the testnet to our developer and user communities.

Stay tuned, and we thank you for all the support!


LNX Protocol

The New Paradigm

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Wei Duong

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LNX Protocol

The New Paradigm

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