LNX Protocol Partners with SWIPE, A 2 Million Users Project in Southeast Asia

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Aug 13, 2019 · 3 min read

Recently, the LNX Protocol has partnered with SWIPE, a company that “monetizes mobile app engagement data on the blockchain”.

The world’s most valuable resource is not oil anymore, but data. For the past years, we have seen tech titans use, and sell, our personal data without prior consent. Even worse, we, the real owners, have ZERO knowledge regarding how and to whom our data has been traded.

SWIPE, a blockchain-based company, aims to disrupt such industry and decentralize all information while shifting empowerment to data owners. It offers an SDK (Software Development Kit) to app developers to improve app engagement and user retention with transparency and data monetization.

With access to over 2 million users around Southeast Asia, the project has an ever growing adoption and has proved itself as one of the leaders in the industry.

The partnership will focus on the increase of SWIPE’s network scalability and interoperability with the integration of LNX’s layer 2 DAG and State Matrix. Through a mutual collaboration, we will also work together on the spread of blockchain awareness in the South East Asian region through technology development and education.


The LNX Protocol is the world’s first DAG infused blockchain distributed ledger that provides expandable scalability, instant confirmation, and security against double-spending and Sybil attacks. The MATRIX Chain remains open-sourced, permission-less, and distributed. Our breakthrough consensus algorithm, the Proof of Check and Balance (PoCB), breeds the self-sustaining and decentralized ecosystem through a counterbalance of power. The LNX platform offers a new paradigm that solves the current predicaments of the decentralized economy at stake.


SWIPE aims to create a network of apps that are able to work together to create valuable data as a collective, instead of relying on centralized intermediaries. As part of the network, all data collected will be aggregated, anonymized and encrypted. It will then be channeled into an analytics engine which packages it to be monetized directly to data buyers in a decentralized data marketplace. This process provides transparency to data buyers as they can trace the origins of the data, creates a fairer way for app developers to monetize data and empowers users by giving them full control and ownership of their data. SWIPE is invested by Kenetic, a blockchain firm that invested in huge blockchain projects like Zilliqa, ICON, and Bluzelle.

Stay tuned, and we thank you for all the support!


LNX Official

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