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3 min readSep 13, 2021


Our interns contribute to the team just like any other colleague. Each day, they gain meaningful feedback from colleagues who are experts at their craft and are given all the tools they need to succeed. Here’s what a couple of our interns have to say about working at LD.

Audra Turuta

👋🏻 Meet Audra Turuta, a Developer 1 on the PC Express team who came from our internship program.

“Everyone I’ve talked to is very focused on learning and growth versus expecting me to be a full-fledged developer. You’re not expected to know everything. This is about you leaving better than you came or not leaving at all!”

Audra came to LD from Juno College of Technology where she finished a development bootcamp. Before that, she completed a teaching degree but decided to pivot after chatting with someone from her roller derby team who had recently gone from working as a pastry chef to a developer through Juno’s program.

“One of the career consultants at Juno posted the intern role and said they had a partnership with LD to start taking bootcamp students” she said. During her term she worked on the PC Express team, launching a new homepage for Loblaws and Real Canadian Super Store.

Audra finished an 8-month internship in August 2021 and has since transitioned to a full-time role. Now, she’s working on a new and improved order dashboard for PC Express.

“I really like working on things where I can see the work I’ve done. LD fits into that because I can show my friends and family the PC Express app and be like ‘Look! I did that!’”

👋🏻 Meet Ashley Young, an intern on the Strategy and Partnerships team who completed a 4-month program as part of her economics degree at the University of Waterloo.

“I’ve worked on a lot of things I can’t really talk about yet, but the talent project has been an amazing experience. To be able to work with the strategy team as well as the other teams at LD — it’s taught me a lot about different processes and working cross-functionally. I have had a lot of autonomy. Seeing outcomes and my impact has been really rewarding.”

During her 4 months with us, Ashley had numerous mentors but specifically worked with Sudiksha Shrimali, Strategy Manager, on the strategy team.

Sudiksha Shrimali, Strategy Manager

“Ashley provides a fresh perspective. Her contributions created bandwidth for the team to do and take on more. The culture we’re trying to instil here is that we’re striving for different outcomes and there isn’t just one way of doing things,” said Sudiksha.

Mentorship here goes beyond the internship term. Now that Ashley’s time at LD is over, she returned to school but plans to stay in touch with Sudiksha and connect monthly.

Our internship experience

Internship opportunities at LD span across all teams and disciplines — from engineering, to design, to research and analytics (and many others).

Managers set up weekly one-on-one’s to go over goals and plan for the future. There’s also guidance, mentorship and opportunities for independent work opening up space for interns to bring their own ideas.

The internship experience is built to suit the unique needs of each team, and each individual participating in the program. We welcome all applicants, whether you’re looking to complete your co-op credits for school, are a recent graduate, or simply looking to enter a new field — we want to hear from you.

Work in a collaborative environment on real projects that impact real people. Head to our careers page to learn more.