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Optimizing online learning with solutions that add value (not noise)

The number of apps on Apple’s App Store is expected to reach 5 million by 2020. We have access to a plethora of digital solutions to help overcome our daily hurdles, promising to make life more efficient and streamlined. But in this saturated market of “solutions”, it’s easy to get lost in the features race and lose sight of truly adding value by solving real problems.

The question we ask ourselves constantly is: how do we develop a product that truly adds value without adding unnecessary noise to an already busy market?

“First up, the solution needs to fit effortlessly into the lives of the people using it — and their work. It should tap into a very real need experienced by businesses. It should also live with the rest of the products in the stable to create an experience that is greater than the sum of its parts.” — Elzanne Wentzel, Product Owner at Lobster Ink.

Take our Learning Paths and Smart Assignments for example. The two were designed to work together to solve the problem of delivering the right quantity and level of training to the right learners at scale. If the content isn’t aligned to the learner’s prior knowledge and job-function, the learning will be irrelevant, costly and ineffective.

A Learning Path is a sequence of courses tailored to a specific job role. Learning Paths can also be dynamic, this makes them easy to update as content changes. Courses can be added or removed to ensure that the right amount of training happens in the right sequence and at the right proficiency level.

However, rolling out Learning Paths to distributed teams across an organization’s hierarchy is a mammoth task if not automated. This is where Smart Assignments comes in. Smart Assignments is an intelligent content distribution system that automatically assigns training to job-roles or teams across every level of an organization. Powerful on its own, and even better together, Learning Paths and Smart Assignments optimize learning effectiveness while minimizing management overhead.

“Our design philosophy comes down to getting the basics right — we call it “brilliant basics”. That’s how we add value — by creating solutions that are simple in requirement, but powerful in function.”

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