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Solving the problem of distributing personalized employee training — at scale.

The way people interact, work and learn has shifted rapidly, and the need for a personalized learning experience has almost become expected. However, while a tailored learning experience is relatively simple to deliver to an individual, how do you provide the same experience to thousands of distributed teams across the world, in role-specific packages and multiple languages, while maintaining the same quality standards and effectiveness?

To address this challenge we’ve developed a unique piece of functionality called Smart Assignments — our solution to distributing personalized learning at scale. Smart Assignments use tags to identify user groups or business units within the structure of your organization. A user simply selects the tag(s) that best describes their job-role, and the relevant content will be automatically assigned to them This ensures that the correct content is distributed and assigned to the right user groups across an organization.

What makes our Smart Assignments even smarter is that using the same logic, the platform will also automatically assign the right content to new employees who fit the assignment criteria. This allows L&D managers to minimize management overhead and accelerate onboarding.

Smart Assignments give us an exciting glimpse into the future of learning by being able to design and deliver a personalized learning experience to all your learners — no matter where they are.

Learn more about Smart Assignments here and watch the video below.



Lobster Ink is a leading online training company that assists multinational organizations accelerate transformative change by building workforce capability.

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