A Medium publication exploring local economic development and chronicling the My Local Token digital community currency project

The pandemic has highlighted how our U.S. economy has become bifurcated into haves and have-nots, leaving us wondering why stocks and corporate earnings keep rising while small businesses struggle to stay afloat. The same applies to cities and towns themselves, with an elite tier of places rising while a vast…

The Balance of Network Effects

Traditionally, community currencies serve a single locality or business district. Notwithstanding the logistical challenges of operating a physical currency in multiple locations, the mission of community currencies (and their administrators) is usually geographically confined. Our mission with My Local Token (MLT) reflects a greater ambition, and the technology we are…

Community Currency Justifications, Limitations, and Innovations

We define a community currency here as a medium of exchange that can be spent in a particular geographical locality at participating organizations, not including instances where the community currency is earned as compensation for labor. It is simply money that in most cases…

Local Unlimited

At the Forefront of Community and Commerce

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