#PeaceHackCamp — Building a Technology and Innovation Community in South Sudan

Rafiq Copeland
Dec 18, 2015 · 6 min read

“Today we learnt that what we thought was impossible is actually possible.”— #PeaceHackCamp participant.

#PeaceHackCamp participants enjoy a fun moment during a session on women’s empowerment.
Participants were able to engineer and program tailor-made computer tools using kits from Afrimakers.
In a country with no electricity grid, solar power plays an increasingly vital role. #PeaceHackCamp participants were able to build solar powered phone chargers.

“I use a solar panel to charge a battery so I can study at nighttime. Now I have a bigger battery that will last longer, but it will not take any charge from the solar. Can I fix it?” — #PeaceHackCamp Participant

Lagu Stephen of KMIC introduces a session at the 2015 #PeaceHackCamp
The “Code Room” was full of activity throughout the three day #PeaceHackCamp
The #PeaceHackCamp was an international event, with participants and presenters coming to Juba from around Africa and the world.

“South Sudan is a long way behind other places in the world, but we mustn’t let ourselves be left behind. We must work hard to catch up!” — #PeaceHackCamp participant

Participants in a session on entrepreneurship list the challenges they face daily — access to electricity and internet top the lists, followed by insecurity and currency devaluation.

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