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3 min readApr 13, 2018

Revolutionize the way we think about local information, local social life and local economy.

Localflow is the first AI chatbot ecosystem architectured to develop local services and data analysis, assisted by a local search engine that guides users through information that is geographically filtered.

Localflow is useful as a tool that unleashes both the share/gig economy and the Internet of Things, enabling a future where one can easily organize local activities and social encounters via private communication and decentralized data management.

At its core, Localflow is an open and collaborative framework, where developers and data analysts from the team and the community work together creating modular templates for chatbots, developing the native platform, building and testing the AI, as for API integrations.

Developers from the community are rewarded for specific tasks adding modules as they wish. If these modules are adopted by users, then the creator will be rewarded proportionally.

Localflow gives rewards through tokens: the EWA token, an Ethereum Standard ERC-223 token.

This token is used as an internal reward utility, fulfilling tasks connected with the growth and maintenance of the project. Not only technical tasks are rewarded, but also a bounty program is extended for various improvements, such as translations, adding users, reaching business and other tasks, in a gamified infrastructure.

The token can also be used for special business modules, for advertisement campaigns and other options.

The Localflow Conversational Bots can live both in mainstream apps or bot platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram or WeChat and in the Localflow Platform we are building.

Localflow bots are useful for local services such as food delivery, searching and pursuing personal services such as house cleaning, private lessons, car renting etc., and also for restaurants and hotels reservations, organizing events, collecting IOT data and directly analyzing them with AI.

The Localflow Network uses IOTA technology for the near-zero fee transactions and the Ethereum Token will be used for rewards, bounties, smart contracts. A decentralized orchestrator will also allow the connection with other impacting blockchains, like NEO and others, that the community may be interested to swap their assets with.

The current state of the art about gig/share economy is enormously centralised, mostly dominated by big global companies with heavy local impact, forcing small economic entities to join their networks.

What if local businesses could join a collaborative platform where early adopters and users could have an impact on the development of the network?

In a local social-economic platform privacy and granular control over data sharing is paramount, to avoid any risk connected with misuse of data, we are developing a decentralised data managing, to preserve users informations, and at the same time decentralise earnings in our own geographical area. In this way users, merchants and businesses can bypass the heavy fees connected from big tech companies.

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Localflow is a lightning fast AI chatbot building platform deeply connected to services, businesses and authentic events. Fostering local exchanges worldwide