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20:20 Vision Podcast -Episode 1

Over the last 18 months, scientists have reluctantly emerged as some of the hidden heroes of the pandemic. One of these heroes is Professor Peter Piot, who will be joining me in this month’s 20/20 Vision with Robin Klein https://linktr.ee/2020VisionWithRobinKlein

Peter is retiring from his position as Head of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine but as he tells me during our conversation, this was but one of his many roles. Amongst those he found himself advising in the last 18 months (and before that) were European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen, Bill Gates, Chris Whitty and Tedros Adonom, Director of the World Health Organisation.

As you’ll hear through our conversation, Peter is a very human scientist and a people person. Yet he is reluctant to indulge in any self promotion and needed to be drawn out to tell his remarkable story, which goes back to being part of the team that discovered Ebola.

His global perspective comes partly from his own personal background but also from the countries in which he has lived and worked. A true citizen of the world, his optimism for the future and the importance of global solutions to the world’s challenges, gives me huge confidence.

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