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Adzuna wins UK Government contract for Universal Job Match

The Universal JobMatch is a service offered by Gov.UK (Department of Work and Pensions) to enable people to search and apply for jobs. It is one of the largest job search websites in Europe — and its about to get a whole lot bigger. And cost UK tax payers a whole lot less.

Huge congratulations to Doug Monro, Andrew Hunter and the Adzuna team for pulling this off. I know that it has been a journey of a number of years.

Adzuna has long since been a provider of extremely useful leading indicator data to policy makers and commentators — who avidly read their monthly Job Market Reports

Adzuna has ‘form’ in the provision of useful real time insights to Government. Back in November 2012, Adzuna provided data to David Cameron’s No10 iPad dashboard

Adzuna has been innovating in the job search market since 2010 and now, with over 10m monthly unique visits offers its service in 16 International markets and is growing strongly.

LocalGlobe first invested in Adzuna’s Seed round in June 2011 and followed up with participation in the Series A round. We’d worked with Doug when he was COO at Zoopla.

Adzuna is one of those beautifully capital efficient businesses which built steadily — and now with increasing acceleration. They’ve raised only £4.1m including a crowdfunding round of £2.1m

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