From Seed to Series A: demystifying the process

So you’ve raised your seed round. Now what?

You’ve got money in the bank, your investors and team are all excited and high-fiving, but the clock’s just started ticking and now the real work begins.

A review of all companies that raised seed capital in Europe since 2005 (Crunchbase data) shows that the average time from raising a seed round to a Series A is 17 months. Looking only at our own portfolio at LocalGlobe, we find, of those that do go on to raise, 75% do so within 19 months. Given it typically takes, on average, five months to raise (from initial discussions to cash in), you really need to be “Series A ready” 12 months after closing your seed.

“12 months?! Series A ready? What on earth does that mean?”

Don’t panic. This series of blogposts and interviews, from founders who’ve raised a Series A (and beyond) and VCs who led their rounds, is designed to help demystify the Series A raise.

It’s a four part series, which we’ll release on a fortnightly basis, composed of the following parts:

  1. Being “Series A ready”
  2. Approaching investors
  3. The Deck, the Model and the Ask
  4. The Partner Presentation

Please comment and give feedback as we go!