How and Why is the Discovery of Where and Who!

Since we are constantly ‘living in the moment’, we have become less focused on making plans and have adapted to a more “go with the flow” mentality.

Discovering more with LOCALi

The LOCALi app delivers activities, buzzing hot spots, and events that bring our cities to life. From Sunday fundays, beachfronts, rooftops, speak easies, Taco Tuesdays to wine and beer festivals, tournaments, sports events, pool parties, music venues, harbor cruises, horse races, yacht parties… there is so much that keeps our cities vibrant that not every traveler knows about.

WHERE this app brings the local haps to your finger tips without a Google search and 3 year old Yelp reviews.

Explore and Discover New Places with Ease

Traveling alone? Here for a weekend? No one in the hostel to go exploring with? LOCALi is also connecting you to friendships of the future.

As you are swiping on activities and events, our algorithm matches you up with like-minded explorers (locals and travelers alike) who are swiping on the same common interests that will be revealed after a match. This then allows an introductory of “hey let’s meet up” or “rally your troops” and go!

Having a customized profile, people can see where you are from, how long you are visiting, what you’re looking to do, and potentially unlocking the next cities on your radar.

Who knows WHO you will meet and what friendships will be gained by sharing memories and creating more connections. If anything, it opens the doors for other suggestions, tips and insights from follow explorers or locals of your next destination.

This is what we call the ideal “friends with benefits”; meeting people around the world who can give you a reason to visit and fuel your passion for continued exploration and discovery.

This time however, you now know someone who can give you their local perspective and pay it forward if they are ever in your part of town.

LOCALi is the ignition to go the distance, meet new people, and create lifetime memories. We are excited for you to be a part of our new journey as we take off and launch the next go-to travel app connecting you to experiences in real time!

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