How Cable and Satellite TV Companies Are Killing Businesses

Time Warner. DirectTV. Comcast. Charter. Cox. Dish Network. Optimum. Bright House. The list goes on…

There are an estimated 100 million cable and satellite TV subscribers — many of which are residential customers. The TV business, although on shaky ground after HBO’s decision to sell direct, is still capturing our attention.

And therein lies the rub. Our attention is being sucked into the abyss of our ever-growing flat screens. The average US adult spends about 4 hours watching TV — every day! I’ll do the math so you don’t have to. That’s 1,460 hours per year. Yep, nearly 1,500 hours of TV watching per year, per US adult.

So how is this killing businesses, you ask? This is how…

There are lots of reasons that businesses fail, but two common ones are lack of cash flow and lack of creativity. With the average cable/satellite bill pushing $200, the average US household could save $2,400 per year by giving up their cable. Not just that, but that money could be invested back into a business venture instead of watching more episodes of worn out reality television. In addition, if those 1,500 hours of time were well spent, I’m certain that businesses could flourish.

So what’t the point?

I currently run a business that works with locally owned businesses to help them see significant growth. But many of them aren’t serious. How do I know? Because the numbers above describe them perfectly. If you are starting a business — or running a struggling business — and you’re still paying for and watching TV, you’re not yet serious about your business. It’s not a priority.

Stop complaining that business is hard. Of course it is. And it’s significantly harder when you spend your time and money in the wrong places.

If you’re spending more on your TV bill than you are on your business every year, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

It’s just true. Get serious. Invest in your business. Or just get out.

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