Your Biggest Software Cost Isn’t the Software

The most significant cost of software has nothing to do with technology.
It’s the cost of user engagement and adoption within your organization once you choose the software.

Ease of use one of the most significant measures of success.

If your team (or your buyers, suppliers, and other partners) don’t find the software easy to use, it’s going to cost a lot to keep them engaged, and a lot to train new users.

As you scale your business, this gets increasingly expensive and could potentially limit your growth. When you’re evaluating new software it’s critical to ask:

  • What will it cost to train our team — today and in the future?
  • Will our team enjoy and use these tools to their fullest capacity to help our business?

Local Orbit’s highest priority is simplicity and thoughtful design — both when we make a decision about our own software development, and when we choose the services we use to run our business.

Complicated tools or clunky user experience are very costly over time.

Originally published at Local Orbit.