5 Local Spots: Hallo-Weekend Edition (Oct 26th)

You on your way to your favorite local business this Halloween

Real friends don’t let friends go out to non-local spots. ESPECIALLY ON HALLOWEEN! So whatever your flavor, check out these 5 NYC local events at 5 NYC local spots to hit up this Hallo-Weekend. Love them or disagree entirely? Let me know in the NYC Locasaur FB Group!


“I want to spend Halloween the way I like to spend every other weekend in NYC— rooftop, dance floor, other “young professionals”.

Bar 13 — 35 E 13th St, Union Square | Facebook

Knowing full well that I’m going to catch flak from some of you for suggesting that a “2 story bar with a rooftop dance floor, guest DJ and bottle service” could be considered “local”, I’m recommending Bar 13’s Halloween Bash Saturday Oct. 28th at 10pm anyways (event tickets in the Facebook link). In my experience, the feel doesn’t get as pretentious as other similar venues further south or west, and the multi-level layout is honestly great for all types of occasions. Whether you skew more towards the leather lounges or have no problem throwing yourself on the dance floor you’ll have a lot of fun here. For what it’s worth, my friend group still talks about how fire the playlist was last time we were here. Add the Monster Mash and you’ve got a winner! Act fast, some ticket sections already sold out but the prices are pretty reasonable. Great for: Groups, Halloween Dance Party!

“That sounds cool Simon, but I spent $50, made a pilgrimage to Michael’s, and learned how to paper mache for this holiday. I NEED A COSTUME PARTY.”

Vella Wine Bar — 1480 2nd ave, Upper East Side | Facebook

By day, Vella is honestly an all-around solid dinner option on the UES. Italian and French cuisine, good selection of cocktails, we’re with it. Every Halloween, however, Vella puts on a costume itself, gets a live DJ and throws a party! It’s on Halloween (Oct. 31st beginning at 8pm, tickets in the Facebook link) and COSTUMES ARE MANDATORY! Vella’s extensive wine list pairs nicely with vampire outfits or Snapchat’s giant dancing hotdogs.No word on whether there are prizes for best outfits, but we recommend erring on the side of being prepared to win it all. Remember, though fake blood may be temporary, and wine stains can be removed, sweet costume contest victory is forever. Great for: Showing off your costume skills

“Ok good call but look my costume really isn’t that great. I’m more interested in adult-level trick or treating.”

House of Brews — 302 W 51st, Hell’s Kitchen | Facebook

How appropriate to go to Hell’s Kitchen for Halloween! Look no further than the House of Brews. The original location (there’s another a few blocks down on 46th) is a two story craft beer Mecca featuring not only beers but a smart creative cocktail list, bites, and a skeeball machine. This Saturday October 28th 8pm — 12pm, House of Brews is throwing down an OPEN BAR (yes to a ticket price, no to a cover) for all to enjoy! Costumes, while encouraged, are not expressly required, though we’re quite sure that mummies, cats, those dressed as dino(Loca)saurs and other revelers will get preferred treatment. Costume or no costume, House of Brews is always a good time! If the live music and dancing scene isn’t quite you, this is a great lower key option. Unless you really go on that open bar. Great for: Craft Beers, Open Bars!

“Um, I don’t party above 40th St. Give me something smart, give me something downtown.”

Distilled NY — 211 W Broadway, TriBeCa | Facebook

First, you should definitely party above 40th st. You’re missing out. BUT, I’ll indulge it…no city does Prohibition Era nightlife quite like NYC, and Distilled NY is doubling down on it with a prohibition-themed Halloween Party this Saturday October 28th 9pm — 3am (tickets in the Facebook link). On any old night, Distilled is a good time. It’s a smart-looking gastropub with creative cocktail options, and really does service to the old-school building it’s located in. This year they’re pulling out all the stops for trick or treaters that stop by, with live music and an Open (vodka) bar! They’re also bragging about “the best moonshine in NYC”, and while I’m a bit skeptical of THAT claim, no doubt this would be a very fun Hallo-Weekend option. No costumes required, but period dress heightens the experience for everyone! Great for: Creative Cocktails, Trendy Places.

“Clearly you never learned you don’t need alcohol to have fun Simon, give me something wholesome!”

Halloween Parade and Party — Washington Market Park, TriBeCa | Website

Shout out to Locasaur Faizan Kothari for bringing this to our attention! You can catch the annual WMP Halloween parade Sunday October 29th 1–3pm (it starts at 1pm Beach st. and N. Moore st.) and follow it to the park for some family-friendly fun! There are free Halloween and fall-themed events for all ages, and a pumpkin patch (at least, there was last year). Costumes aren’t mandatory but are certainly welcomed. Great for: Family fun, Fall Activities.

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