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The Best Cookies in NYC with Michelle Lee | Locasaurus Recs (Ep. 13)

Locasaurus Recs | May 1st

Welcome to Locasaurus Recs! This is a podcast about great local spots and recommendations for every occasion, powered by Locasaur — the easiest way to share and show love to your local spots.

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Recs for ethnic bakeshops, cookies by the bulk, and cookie dough that’s “safe” to eat.

Michelle Lee is a freelance culinary writer covering Manhattan’s food scene, with a serious sweet tooth! She rejoins the pod to chat about why Levain is “NYC’s Favorite Bakery”, where Black and White Cookies came from, the rise of highly Instagrammable bakeries, and some all-time favorite cookies she’s sampled in NYC.

Check out Michelle’s NYC Cookie Map below:

Find Michelle’s Culinary Profiles and Writings:

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