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A How-to Stake Guide by The LOCG Community!

Our community members Kein & Wally have put together a thorough step-by-step guide on how to stake.

Before Staking

Make sure you cover all the correct steps before attempting to stake including:

ETH to cover GAS and transaction fees

Make sure that you have enough ETH in your wallet to cover the GAS fees for purchasing LOCG from a DEX and the two transactions (Approval & Staking) required to stake.

You can monitor GAS prices on search engines like GOOGLE, and when it reaches a value you think is acceptable you should make the transaction.


$LOCG in Your Metamask Wallet

Click “Add token” then “Custom token” and copy and paste the address into “Token Contact Address.” The token symbol LOCG should appear with token decimal 18.

Address: 0x60eb57d085c59932d5faa6c6026268a4386927d0

A Stable Internet Connection

There have been instances where transactions have timed out and not gone through after people lost their connection while staking. Do not attempt if your internet connection is unstable.

Staking Step-by-Step

Step 1:

Visit our staking page to know more about our ‘MCW Rookie of The Year Pool’ staking pool. Information including withdrawals, rewards, and the pool details.

Step 2:

If your tokens are in a centralized exchange (Kucoin, Hotbit, Gate.io) you’ll have to transfer them to a non-custodial wallet like MetaMask (expect a fee in LOCG).

If you use a DEX (Uniswap, Sushiswap) to buy your tokens, they will automatically be in your wallet.

Step 3:

Buy $LOCG from a DEX (GAS fees must be paid) or CEX (fee paid in $LOCG).

Step 4:

On our staking page, click on ‘Stake Now!’ to be directed to the main staking website. Click on Connect in the top right corner to connect your Metamask wallet.

Click on ‘Stake Now,’ enter the amount of LOCG you want to stake, and hit submit stake.

Step 5:

Hit “Submit Stake,” you will see a pop-up from your wallet regarding the first Approval transaction. If the gas fees look good, click on confirm and wait for it to go through the blockchain.

After a couple of minutes, check the confirmation on Etherscan or your wallet using the transaction hash or your wallet address.

Step 6:

Once the transaction for approval is successful and confirmed, click on “Stake,” and there will be another pop-up from your wallet for the staking fee. Again, if the gas fee on this transaction looks good, click confirm and wait for the transaction to go through.

Step 7:

Once the transaction is confirmed, refresh the Unifyre page to view “Your staked balance” to ensure that you have staked successfully.

Congratulations! If you got this far, then you’ve successfully staked in the ‘MCW Rookie of The Year Pool.’ You now have an opportunity to fill your bags with some more NFT rewards!

Remember, we will never contact you first. Reach out to us on our official platforms for any questions!









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