Genesis Edition NFT Sale: Get Ready!

Dec 2, 2021 · 5 min read

Hello Legends! As you all know, the holidays are upon us, marking one of the busiest times of the year. Our team has been working extra hard because we’ve got some major events coming up on the horizon.

Our very first Genesis Edition NFT Sale will be taking place on December 4 starting at 5pm UTC (4pm CET).

Are you on the edge of your seat yet?? If you want to learn more, make sure to continue reading below.

Genesis Edition Overview.

Purchase: by packs of 5 cards

Max amount of packs available for Sale in Genesis Edition: 1,260

Max amount of cards in Genesis Edition to be minted: 9,000

Number of cards for sale: 6,300 / 1,260 packs

Note: You’ll need to collect at least 15 unique cards to play LegendsOfCrypto P2P.

NB: Cards will be minted at pack purchase with a randomization algorithm on the Polygon network. Payment during the sale will be possible only on the Ethereum network with your Metamask wallet and a variety of ERC-20 tokens, including LOCG.

Important Sale Details.

We limited the total amount of cards EVER that can be minted in the LOCGame Genesis Edition to 9,000 on a smart contract level. This is our 1st NFT issuance of Collectible Game Cards for LegendsOfCrypto. The cards are in-game assets that will be required to play the P2P version of the game.

20% of all cards will be allocated to the LOCGame reserve, 10% to reward staking pool investors and theteam.

70% (or 6,300 cards) will be available during the sale on December 4, which translates to only 1,260 packs.

The Alpha 2.0 Game Release will occur on 12/12. You can apply to play the Alpha 2.0 here:

In order to play the P2P LOCGame version at this stage, you’ll need a minimum of 15 unique cards (unique = not the same character). All NFT cards will also come with 4 directional attacks and health. Special abilities, such as splash damage, will be introduced in the next following release.

Visual Rarity of the Cards in Genesis Edition.

3 Types of Rarity: Standard, Prestige, and Elite.

We strive to delight collectors of tradable cards! Our playing cards will be available in Standard, Prestige, and Elite art styles. Cards in Prestige and Elite will be more scarce than the Standard cards:

Standard cards: 60% of total supply in Genesis Edition;

Prestige: 30% of total supply;

Elite: 10% of total supply.

When you play the game with your Prestige and Elite cards, a special effect will appear notifying you of the rare card on the battlefield.

Blockchain Founders Pack.

Packs in Genesis Edition:

Cards available in packs of 5:

Genesis Pack: 5 standard cards;

Genesis Prestige Pack: 2 prestige + 3 standard cards;

Genesis Elite Pack: 2 elite + 3 standard cards;

Blockchain Founders Pack: 2 blockchain founders standard + 3 genesis standard cards;

Metaverse Pack: 2 metaverse standard + 3 genesis standard cards;

Crypto Celebrities Pack: 2 standard celebrities + 3 standard genesis cards;

DeFi Pack: 2 DeFi standard + 3 standard genesis cards;

MCW Packs: see below.

NB: only 1,260 of all packs will be available for purchase and 1,800 in total in the Genesis edition.

Michael-Carter Williams Packs.

A very limited amount of packs with a dedicated playing card for our very own ambassador from the Orlando Magic team will be available:

MCW Pack: 1 MCW standard + 4 genesis standard cards;

MCW Prestige: 1 MCW Prestige + 1 Genesis Prestige + 3 Genesis Standard cards;

MCW Elite: 1 MCW Elite + 1 Genesis Elite + 2 Genesis Standard.

Why bother?

With the sale right around the corner, get your timers ready for December 4 at 5pm UTC. There’s an endless number of benefits to getting in early — you’ll be one of the lucky ones with a golden opportunity to get your hands on our rare and exclusive NFT cards.

Remember, the earlier you get in and acquire these cards, the better. These initially distributed cards will be the only ones of their kind, meaning you’ll own a piece of rare LOCGame history in your collection!

With the max cap set for total supply in Genesis Edition, over time, we expect these cards to become far more valuable, as our game evolves and more collectible cards in other editions will be minted.

With these NFTs in your wallet, you’ll also be able to begin accumulating our (spoiler alert!) in-game tokens for playing the LOCGame — those who get in earlier will be able to play for longer and therefore accumulate more tokens, giving you a financial advantage over latecomers. Our built-in algorithm will calculate your estimated rewards as you begin playing and pay them out at a later date, so you’ll eventually be able to buy more in-game NFTs and stake them to earn LOCG.

Even better, the algorithm will work more in your favor if you get in now and don’t wait! Those who join early will reap the maximum rewards.

Stay Tuned

From hearing all of this amazing news, you’re probably just as excited as we are! And if you thought this was good, there’s even more in the pipeline that we’ll be announcing right before the holidays to wrap up 2021 with a bang!

The upcoming sale will be fun, entertaining, and incorporate the play-to-earn element, taking our platform to the next level and really getting the ball rolling.

Make sure to follow us right here on Medium for more updates.


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