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How to Stake in the $LOCG Ferrum Staking Program

If you haven’t heard yet, head over to our recent article introducing the reopening of our $LOCG staking program with the Ferrum Network! We know that getting started in staking can be daunting and confusing, especially if it’s your first time.

This time around, the staking period is only available until July 23 so follow our guide to make sure that you are prepared before you start to ensure a great experience!

To participate in the staking program, you need to have your $LOCG tokens in a Metamask wallet and you are required to connect your wallet to the Ferrum Network to participate in the staking program.

Visit our website and pick the staking pool that you would like to stake your $LOCG tokens in. You have two options:

Pool 2: Legendary Whale: 5M token cap, 90 days 88% APR, 180 days 188% APR, minimum staking is 500K tokens

Depending on the pool that you pick you’ll be directed to a staking address. Put in your wallet address that contains $LOCG tokens.

Click ‘Stake Now.’

Decide the amount of LOCG tokens that you want to stake from your available balance, submit, and you will receive a prompt regarding the transaction fee. If it looks good, then confirm. This is the first fee.

After clicking confirm, another prompt will come up showing the gas fee. If it looks good, then save, and hit confirm. This is the second fee.

Wait until transaction status changes from pending — Do not refresh, and once completed hit ‘Go back.’

You can then see how much you’ve staked, the transaction details, and the option to stake even more.

Good luck to everyone who joins the program! Fill your bags with some extra $LOCG tokens and celebrate! We look forward to seeing you there.

Remember, we will never contact you first. Reach out to us on our official platforms for any questions!









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