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LOC GAME Spotlight Series: Personas of your Favorite NFT Characters

Here at LegendsOfCrypto (LOCGame), we’re continuously innovating to bring you the most original crypto NFT characters. For us, it’s all about maintaining a fun game-playing environment while keeping things fresh with our character selection. But what’s behind the faces of these NFTs?

To answer that question, today we’re thrilled to introduce our LOCGame Spotlight Series! In this series, we’ll reveal the stories and personas behind each of our beloved NFT characters.

This will give you a deeper understanding behind who these characters are and what they bring to the table. Consider it a quick reference guide in a story-like fashion, where all of the key information for each NFT is right at your fingertips.

What is LOC?

LOC is a top trump DeFi NFT card game running on the Ethereum and Matic blockchains where players can collect and earn from trading and holding their assets. Each card character is customized, rare, and tailored to various crypto influencers and figures across the industry.

The NFTs are extremely scarce, contain custom artwork created by top artists, and can be staked to earn rewards — making them uniquely valuable.

The different characters are categorized in the following ways:

  • Top blockchains
  • Top cryptocurrencies
  • DeFi legends
  • Crypto cities
  • NFT legends

Players can utilize the $LOCG governance token to interact with the game, buy/exchange for NFTs, earn rewards, vote on proposals, and more.

LOC has been designed as an easy-to-play game — every card has a specific value based on a set of data, and players have to select which category they want to play in. Then, players need to compare the cards’ value and trump the value of their opponent’s cards — this is done by playing a related and more valuable card.

In order to win the game, a player needs to possess the highest value cards in the specific category.

It’s that simple!

Lore and NFT Releases

Within this new series, the lore and story of each character will be explored. You’ll learn all about the concept and meaning behind each NFT card, giving you all of the information you need to truly immerse yourself within and have fun with the game.

Some of the NFT characters are below:

  • The Whale: The biggest crypto holder and trader in the industry — “Time to Buy it All”
  • Lambo Owner: The die-hard decentralized crypto fan who’s in it for the riches — “Crypto to the moon, we’re all going to be rich!”
  • VC Lady: A institutional investor focused on early crypto projects — “Exploring those altcoin gems, one day at a time”
  • Yield Farmer: A farmer who generates the highest returns through farming tokens — “Yield to Field”
  • Crypto KOL: Key opinion leader with tremendous influence and prominence in the industry — “Listen to my words… the future is here!”
  • Crypto HODLER: A passionate crypto user who will HODL to infinity and beyond — “HODL til’ you die!”
  • Bitcoin Miner: Spends time programming computers and hard drives to mine Bitcoin — “Pump up the hashrate!”
  • NFT Artist: The new and innovative artist on the block, digitizing artwork for sale — “Regular art was once a thing, but NFT art is forever”

Every article in the series will contain a detailed overview of one NFT character, and we’ll keep them coming!

Better yet, this is only the beginning — as the game continues to evolve, we plan to add many more characters to give our community as many options as possible to trade and have a blast on our platform!

So if you’re interested in learning more about our cool NFT crypto characters, you’ll want to stick around right here on Medium for our Spotlight Series!



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