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LOC GAME Spotlight Series: The Whale

Our team recently announced the new Spotlight Series where we give you a deep dive into each beloved NFT card character here at LOCGame. The day has come, and we’re excited to let you know that we’re officially beginning the series with a bang!

Make sure to follow us right here on our Medium page so you don’t miss your favorite character’s featured articles and stories. We’ll keep rolling these out so you can dissect the critical information you need to learn about and/or eventually select your NFTs of choice.

To get the ball rolling, we’re going to explore one of the most prominent (and often feared) individuals in the entire crypto space: The Whale.

Character Analysis: The Whale

A true force to be reckoned with, The Whale holds some of the largest token bags in the entire crypto industry and has an extremely diverse crypto portfolio. He doesn’t mess around when it comes to trading, and is able to not only execute sound market trades on a consistent basis but also control market movements to a tee. He moves markets during lunch!

He is a professional trader, typically your astute businessman or savvy investor, with a vast network of connections across the crypto verse. Crypto has been the centerpiece of his current investing career, and he’s been in this space since the early days. Fear is absent from his mind, as he facilitates emotionless trading with confidence and power — his risk tolerance is also very high.

Even by having such great fortune and wealth, he still aspires to maximize profit and create a portfolio of the best crypto projects. He often helps create major spikes and dips in markets, and capitalizes on every opportunity possible! Many retail investors and influencers track his movement with a close eye, including large traders and wallet transfers.

Additionally, he seeks out early and promising projects in order to generate a high ROI and spark innovation across the industry. His goal is to help build the infrastructure of the future and provide projects with the funding they need to accelerate growth, while keeping a nice piece of the pie as a reward.

Here are some of The Whale card statistics:

  • Influence: 100 — one of the most influential people in the space
  • Innovation: 90 — always looking to explore new and promising projects
  • Developer Skills: 40 — somewhat knowledge in the computer/developer area
  • Community: 30 — not as heavily community focused, more self-interest
  • Top Wealth: 60 — among one of the wealthiest investors in crypto
  • Impact: 5 — has a very high overall impact in the crypto world

The Whale is one of the most sought out NFT characters, as he embodies the persona that many retail traders aspire to become. He represents both the good and dark sides of crypto, and has established himself to some as the “anti hero” of the digital asset space.



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