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LOCG NFT Marketplace is Coming!

So… someone beat us to it. But no matter, we are excited to confirm it is true!

We’re thrilled to announce that our marketplace is coming up! The LOCG marketplace is a vital element of our ecosystem, and with a seamless marketplace we’ll be able to bring the benefits of blockchain to our community and future player-base!

Operating our own marketplace gives us an advantage over the majority of NFT-based gaming projects by allowing LOCG to tailor our user experience to elements of our ecosystem. It also brings another use-case of utility whereby allowing users to purchase our assets with our token.

We also aspire to be the most legendary metaverse in the NFT space, with unique collaborations with the very best NFT artists, athletes, musicians, creators, and crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

Marketplace Homepage

Our marketplace is set to release before the full-fledged launch of the LegendsofCrypto game. The marketplace will give our community members and individuals time to buy in-game NFT assets and metaverse assets (different worlds that all run within our ecosystem), including cards, characters, and more.

This is a vital milestone for our ecosystem and the initial step to ensure that we experience continuous growth within our ecosystem by bringing in transparency, new inventory, price discovery, and ownership.

User Interface

We’re combining everything into one easy to use platform so that it is extremely convenient for our users.

We’re also big on the details and are currently in the design stage of a lot of the marketplace. Here’s a sneak peek, and you guys are the first to see this!

Also, please, leave a comment about that animated button… Really, it took 300 lines of code 😆

Greatest Collaborations in the NFT Space

It’s too early for us to say which projects just yet, but LegendsofCrypto will be collaborating with some of the most phenomenal individuals across different professions. In-demand content, and NFTs, will be made exclusively available on our marketplace.

We’re also looking to hear back from our community. It’s you guys that help guide the project in the right direction. Let us know what you think!

Reach out to our community admins for further clarifications through the following official channels (remember we will never contact you directly):




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