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LOCGame Roadmap 2.0 & Mid-2021 Latest Milestones

We are having an exciting journey thus far at LegendsOfCrypto as we continue to develop the game further. We have been able to achieve some major milestones within a very short period, thanks to the huge dedication and commitment of our team. The LOCGame community has also played a big role in helping us towards these achievements and we are looking forward to growing this relationship further as we embark on the next deliverables in our roadmap.

To have an understanding of where we are going, we need first to reflect on where we are and how we have gotten there. As such, we review the major developments we have made so far and highlight the next steps we are taking towards building the future of the LOCGame and its universe.


Q2 2021

April 2021

  • Completed Public IDO

May 2021

  • Kucoin BurningDrop & LOCGame x Ferrum Staking Programs Launched

June 2021

  • Game Concept 2.0 has been finalized.
  • Card redesign to accommodate Game Concept 2.0
  • Issuance of Top Trump version of cards for stakeholders.

Q4 2021

  • Official Game Website Updates.
  • Early access of LoC Card Game.
  • Native NFT Marketplace.

Q1 2022

  • Establishment of NFT Art Foundation.
  • Public launch of LoC Card Game.
  • Brand NFT Commercial Service.

Q2 2022

  • Production start for our Narrative Adventure Game.
  • API 3rd Part SaSS Solution Beta.

Q3 2022

  • Production start for our Action Platform Game.
  • LOCG Token Economy.

Q4 2022

  • Public beta of our mobile real-time strategy game.

Q1 2023

  • Token Economy Data Analytics Solution.
  • Production start of our LoC Multiverse MMORPG.

LoC Game 2.0

This is the card game of Blockchain domination, we’re coming in strong, different, and unique. After several iterations of DesignerDave’s paper prototypes we’re ready to announce LoC 2.0

LoC Game 2.0 is going through a re-concepting phase after an influx of new game development and newly found knowledge from DesignerDave. We intend to build the game as something that is easy to pick up, but hard to master.

Our players will have unique opportunities to contribute to the Blockchain Metaverse in the Legends of Crypto Narrative Universe. Gameplay is centered around who has control of a field of blocks, and the more blocks controlled the higher the chances of winning. Each win contributes to a particular player’s influence in the next blockchain world that will be created, together with the genre, style, and plot twists that this universe will consist of.

What was wrong with Legends of Crypto 1.0?

The original incarnation of Legends of Crypto was a Top Trump card game. If you’ve ever played the card game, War, you already know how that gameplay would go. Both players flip the top of their deck over and the highest number wins. While this is easy to understand, it does not make for the most compelling gameplay and it would not have long-term sustainability in a market filled with much more exciting card games. Enter Legends of Crypto game, 2.0.

How does LoC Game 2.0 work?

Players construct decks of 20 cards from a nigh-infinite pool of NFT cards that will be added to on a regular basis. Players attempt to control blocks on a “block-chain” which is a 3 by 3 grid. Players can place their cards and attack other cards on the grid to remove them from blocks, thus allowing them to take control of the board. When all the blocks are taken, the person who controls more blocks wins that block-chain. That player then gets the ability to influence the next set of cards that will be developed.

With LoC Game 2.0, cards have multiple influencing factors that determine how good the card is. The stats of the cards directly affect how they attack in each direction and is linked to thematic components like their influence, community, and development skills. This forces players to consider what cards they will put in their deck to control and guard each area of the blockchain grid. Cards will also have abilities that allow them to manipulate the board and other cards in unique ways. LoC Game 2.0 is faster paced than its Top Trump predecessor, has more interesting gameplay dynamics, and deck construction will be significantly more compelling than picking the cards that have the highest values.

LoC Game 2.0 is also NOT a Hearthstone clone. We believe that presenting a new style of card game, with new dynamics for fast-paced gameplay is the right way to go for the Legends of Crypto Metaverse.

What is the Metaverse?

LoC Game exists in an alternative history of the world as we know it. In the Legends of Crypto Metaverse, things take a dramatic turn from normal history in 2009. As blockchain technology and crypto coins are developed, it sees massive and rapid adoptions around the world, upending the oligarchy and pushing the banker class into the background. A new age of rapid investment and development begins as crypto-millionaires seek ways to spend their new found earnings.

Start-ups and developments based on virtual reality are all the rage, and people flock to live on-line, the problems of authorial intent begin to ruin the experience. Conflicting world views and hacking events that cause catastrophic losses are commonplace. Ultimately, the solution of blockchain technology is applied to the virtual Metaverse. Each Block World would be a unified singular vision, verified by those who chose to inhabit it.

With Legends of Crypto, players will initially play in World 1, the LoC Metaverse alternate history of real earth. As we cooperate with other studios to support their NFTs, cards from outside the LoC Metaverse will become available to use within any of the Blockchain Worlds. Blockchain World 2 will be created in cooperation with the Tournament winners of LoC’s first tournament.


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