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LOCGame: Our Key Differentiators

For those who’ve already begun experiencing LOCGame and its unique features, you’ve most likely gotten a flavor of what our platform is truly capable of. But for those who haven’t, we’ve got something great in store for you!

Our team continues to build upon our underlying infrastructure and improve the LOCGame ecosystem to bring maximum benefit to our community and other users. After all, NFTs are an ever-blossoming industry that has so much promise, and we’ll keep innovating to capitalize on this opportunity.

But with the rise of NFTs and related online games, what makes LOCGame stand out from the competition? And why should you be excited about our project?

Tune in below to find out!

Unique Card Concept

First and foremost, to truly differentiate our project from the rest of the pack, we believe that our unique card concept really hits home.

The overall premise of our game is based on NFT-based trading cards inspired by iconic figures and memes from the crypto industry. What better way to commemorate and generate buzz in crypto than through the very characters that represent it?

It’s similar to the traditional trading card game concepts, such as baseball or basketball cards, which were extremely popular back in their day. We’re leveraging these ideas but elevating them to a new level through NFTs and blockchain technology, giving our trading cards immutable qualities and the ability to earn rewards.

Some examples of our vast ecosystem of cards include The Whale, ICO Millionaire, NFT Artist, The Pumper, VC Queen, Lambo Guy, and much more!

The artwork and rarity are what make these NFTs special. Moreover, each NFT can be traded in our marketplace and also exchanged on external marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible.

Be one of the very first to own a piece of NFT and crypto history with our one-of-a-kind cards!

Game Experience

Our game has been developed so that it’s fun, interactive, and easy to understand. You can create and design your very own playing deck from the selection of crypto characters we have on hand.

We also offer support on the Ethereum and Matic blockchains, capitalizing on their speed and scalability to offer a truly profound and exciting in-game experience.

The game involves creating very specific strategies to gain the upper hand, where players can compete for fun or in Ranked mode to move up the ladder on our global leaderboard.

$LOCG Token

The $LOCG token is our main utility and governance asset that keeps our ecosystem afloat while providing reward-based incentives for the community. All of our unique NFTs can be staked to earn rewards in the form of crypto tokens, or $LOCG can be utilized to farm new NFTs.

The opportunities are endless! Check out the below for more specific use cases for the $LOCG token:

  • Rewards: Via our pay-for-play game model, increased participation on our platform allows you to receive more $LOCG tokens
  • Staking: $LOCG can be deposited as liquidity into pools where users can receive new NFT airdrops and rewards in the form of interest
  • Governance: If users hold enough $LOCG, they can participate in voting for game proposals, implementing new features, and more
  • Kickback: All NFTs and card decks purchased on our marketplace give users a kickback in $LOCG tokens

On top of all these amazing features, don’t forget the premise of holding for value! As our ecosystem grows and garners more users, the potential for the $LOCG token’s value to increase is a possibility, bringing an additional value-add.

Wrapping Up

If you’re impressed by what our platform has to offer and what it can do for you, start collecting NFT cards on our marketplace! We invite everyone to get involved and participate to help grow this exciting community.

Don’t forget to continue to follow us right here on Medium to receive the latest and greatest updates on everything LOCGame!



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