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LOCGAME Spotlight Series: Bitcoin Maximalist

We hope everyone in our community has been enjoying the latest and greatest updates on the LOCGame platform! As promised, we’re always looking to continue to innovate and bring our users the very best experience!

As everyone keeps diving deeper into the LOCGame world, it’s important to understand the available characters and what they each bring to the table.

That’s why today we’re excited to present yet another amazing character in our NFT metaverse!

He’s the Bitcoin Maximalist, the die-hard Bitcoin fan who’s been around since crypto’s humble beginnings. So without further ado, keep reading on to find out more about this interesting character!

Character Analysis: Bitcoin Maximalist

The Bitcoin Maximalist holds BTC near and dear to his heart. His ultimate goal is to not only hold as much of the available 21 million coin supply but to also spread the word and increase global adoption so it gets one step closer to becoming the next reserve currency.

To him, Bitcoin is the one and only crypto that people should use, and he countlessly emphasizes its superiority and use case over other altcoins.

In his personal opinion, Bitcoin is the perfect inflation hedge and was designed to crush the stranglehold central banks have had on mankind for over a century. He ignores the haters by continuing to stick to his guns with what he truly believes in. To that point, the price of Bitcoin isn’t a strong motivator — it’s what can be done with its technology.

Personally, he’s joined as many of the top Bitcoin communities as possible and formed strong bonds with like-minded individuals. They praise Bitcoin’s longevity and the fact that it’s withstood the test of time, remaining as the number one token in terms of market cap.

The Bitcoin Maximalist is a prime example of a true believer in the origins of crypto and sticking with BTC as your token of choice, given it’s simplicity and solid track record. If you’re aligned with his vision, then he’s an essential NFT character to add to your collection!

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