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LOCGAME Spotlight Series: Satoshi Nakamoto

Although Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are quite transparent in nature to the blockchain’s public and immutable ledger, there will always be an element of curiosity when it comes to crypto’s origins.

Bitcoin was first introduced and created in January 2009, forever changing the way we collect, store, and transact through the use of a worldwide digital currency. We know now that this idea, at its core, was a huge success — but what we still don’t know to this day is who the creator is.

We’re pleased to introduce another one of our blockbuster characters, Satoshi Nakamoto! He’s the anonymous creator of Bitcoin who remains an enigma and is rumored to hold over 1 million BTC.

Check out our description below of Satoshi if you’re interested in collecting this rare piece of NFT artwork!

Character Analysis: Satoshi Nakamoto

Satoshi is the original inventor and creator of Bitcoin and the true start of cryptocurrency. His creation has sparked thousands of different variations of blockchain technology and its vast application, changing the way we use money forever.

Although his true identity has never been revealed, there have been many speculative rumors regarding who he is and his whereabouts, but none have yet to be proven true.

But what do we know about Satoshi? It’s quite obvious that he was a brilliant coder and developer, in addition to a truly articulate writer, demonstrated through the Bitcoin whitepaper.

His vision was to create a global currency that would be used in a decentralized manner to give individuals an alternative to the current fiat monetary system. It’s clear that his goal has come true, manifesting itself in many different ways through BTC communities and holders alike.

Satoshi Nakamoto is the ultimate card to have in your collection if you love Bitcoin and want a piece of blockchain history with the originator himself!




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