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LOCGAME Spotlight Series: Signal Provider

Q3 is now upon us, and the team here at LOCG is keeping up with the pace of the rapidly evolving NFT and DeFi markets. As we continue to build and advance our platform for our users, we’re also brainstorming new character concept ideas on the backend.

Today, we have yet another new character lore to introduce to our community!

Introducing the Signal Provider — he’s the ultimate strategist and day-trader when it comes to crypto. He embodies the spirit of making gains and helping other followers become the most successful investors possible.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more character lore articles, right here on Medium! The more knowledge and insight you have into each character will help you maximize your opportunities on our gaming platform.

Character Analysis: Signal Provider

The Signal Provider stops at nothing to deliver the very best possible trading signals — his extensive knowledge stems from his endless research and personal experience.

He’s well-established on social media platforms in order to appeal to a wide range of audience members, primarily through Telegram, the messaging hub of the crypto community. Every day, he pings his followers and let’s them know of the hottest tokens and opportunities to buy and sell them.

Experienced and noobie crypto investors alike rely on his input and strategies as a blueprint, serving as a starting point to plan for and execute potential trades. Even for those already confident with their trading, the Signal Provider’s knowledge is great to tap into for a second opinion or perspective.

He’s passionate, vocal, and straightforward with his opinions. His ultimate goal is to noy only make himself money and maximize his ROI, but also to do the same for his followers. Every time he sees a buying or selling opportunity, he has the best interest of his community in mind.

There’s no doubt that crypto is a volatile industry, so make sure to add the Signal Provider to your collection as your right hand man throughout this tumultuous market frenzy!




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