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3 min readMay 18, 2021


LegendsOfCrypto has been on an absolute tear lately! We couldn’t thank our community enough for all of the continued support — we really couldn’t do it without you.

As our platform continues to expand, we’re keeping our promise to everyone by continuing to release new and innovative NFT characters on a frequent basis. Now, we’re ready to release the details behind a brand new one, and we know you’re going to absolutely love it!

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We now present to you: The HODLer! He’s one of the truest and most beloved characters in the entire crypto-verse, dedicated to the tokens that he holds dearly within his wallet.

Character Analysis: The HODLer

The HODLer is (and always has been) one of the main representations of what it truly means to be a loyal follower in the crypto space. He’s been heavily into crypto since its very beginnings, demonstrating absolute dedication and a strong commitment to the space.

He’s impervious to any mainstream spreading of FUD and negative press — nothing will repel him from his love for blockchain technology. When faced with either bull or bear markets, he’s completely unphased by undesirable market conditions and massive price fluctuations.

Making fortunes from his investments is generally the last thing on his mind — it’s a nice bonus, but what he really wants is the underlying technology to scale and truly come to fruition. The mentality he’s adopted is to ride the wave for the long haul — he’ll never let go of his precious coins!

From a technical standpoint, he’s quite sound in his understanding of blockchain fundamentals, but doesn’t possess any savvy technical developer skills. Regardless, he understands the value in what he holds and believes in the ultimate vision that crypto will overtake the traditional financial system.

You’ll often see him on popular social media channels and following top influencers. He shows his love for the community by sharing his opinions and generating buzz for the projects he has the utmost faith in.

Detailed statistics and scores of the HODLer are shown below, as outlined on the card:

  • Influence: 60 — His influence is quite strong throughout the crypto verse
  • Innovation: 90— He thinks outside the box when it comes to creative projects
  • Developer Skills: 5— Developing isn’t quite in his wheelhouse
  • Community: 90 — A true community member, helping inspire others to love crypto
  • Top Wealth: 35— He’s in it for the tech, not for the money
  • Impact: 35 — Holds his position regardless of the price

Everybody put your hands together for the HODLer! If you’re interested and want to add this unique NFT character into your collection, join our platform and get started.

HODL to infinity and beyond!








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