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We hope you’ve been enjoying all of the new Legends Of Crypto Game (LOCG) NFT characters! As we keep innovating behind the scenes, we’re continuing to roll out the beloved Spotlight Series to give you the rundown of the inspiration behind these characters.

Our creative and design teams are also working diligently to keep coming up with the very best card concepts to enhance everyone’s rare and unique LOCG NFT collections.

That’s why today, we’d like to introduce you to the amazing Yield Farmer!

He spends most of his time exploring different farms across the DeFi ecosystem, looking to catch the best deal and return on his investment.

Character Analysis: The Yield Farmer

He’s truly a jack of all trades, understanding the basic fundamentals of crypto while also having a higher than average sense of some of the intricate technicalities and developer skills.

When it comes to crypto, he can often HODL but doesn’t have any shame in swapping for more profitable coins. This is because his primary focus is on finding the yield farms with the greatest ROIs.

A liquidity provider at heart, he wants to help run DEX ecosystems while also earning a healthy return on his investment. To him, it really doesn’t matter if it’s an Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, or other DEX — he’s really in it for the farming pools that generate the most consistent passive income streams.

Price fluctuations don’t affect him much either — he’s in it for the long haul and is committed to seeing the DeFi space blossom to where everyone can experience great returns and opportunities in finance.

In terms of his favorite tokens within his portfolio, he’s actually quite flexible — whatever offers him the best ROI is what he typically leans towards considering an investment in. The compounding interest allows him to accumulate more crypto over the long-haul.

Card statistics and scores of the Yield Farmer can be viewed below:

  • Influence: 25 — His influence isn’t as prevalent, as he mostly keeps to himself
  • Innovation: 90 — He’s very savvy when it comes to finding opportunities
  • Developer Skills: 95 — Developing is right in his wheelhouse (he gets the complexities)
  • Community: 40 — He’s more in the middle when having to share the wealth with others
  • Top Wealth: 25 — The long-term investment focus is more of his style (slow and steady)
  • Impact: 45 — He doesn’t stand out too much when it comes to his impact in crypto

If you share the Yield Farmer’s spirit to farm your way to riches, then make sure to keep your eyes peeled for this character once our game releases! You’ll want to be one of the first to collect this rare NFT.

Everyone grab your wallets and start farming!



LegendsOfCrypto | LOCGame

LOCGame is a Play2Earn #NFT & Collectible Strategy Card Game featuring legendary characters from #crypto & #web3

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