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LOCGame to Launch a Mini Competition on KuCoin Trading Pool

We’re thrilled to announce that LOCG will be introducing a mini competition on the Kucoin trading pool. We’ve taken trading on the Kucoin pool up a notch, introducing another lucrative way for you to earn rewards. We previously announced that Kucoin officially added the $LOCG token to its Metaverse All-Star Pool at the start of November, which elevated everyone’s investing savviness.

We’re now introducing a community competition to reward you for trading $LOCG within the pool. This competition is also a way to inform $LOCG holders that they can trade with their favorite tokens on the Kucoin bot. Through earning rewards, you can give your portfolio an extra boost and be in a position to trade with more tokens in the pool. Not only that, but if you’re interested in securing a share of $LOCG tokens for yourself, make sure to participate in the official LOCGame Spot Grid Competition hosted by Kucoin!

BONUS: How to Participate in the LOCG Mini Community Competition

On top of all this, our community-run competition offers yet another round of incentives. To get started, you need to join the KuCoin pool by first creating an account on their platform. Follow the instructions here to join the pool.

Once you’ve joined the Metaverse All-Star Pool, you’ll see your $LOCG and other token allocations, which can be adjusted where you deem necessary.

Next, create a LOCG/USDT grid bot, share a screenshot of a running bot on Twitter, and tag LOCG and KuCoin.

LOCG will send you a reward of 300 $LOCG tokens if you correctly follow these steps.

Once you’re all set, you’ll automatically be entered into the community competition where three individuals will win 2,000 USDT. The first winner will receive 1,000 USDT, while the other two will get 500 USDT each.

About LOCGame

LOCGame is a DeFi powered NFT gaming platform for crypto legends where you can collect, play and earn tokens. The platform features prominent members and influencers from the crypto industry with each character placed in different categories. The platform assures gamers of their ownership of the collectibles (NFTs) and gives them total control.

For more information regarding this competition, please visit these sites:

Website: https://locgame.io/

Medium: https://medium.com/locgame

Telegram: https://t.me/locgame_io

Telegram Announcement Channel: https://t.me/loc_game

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LOCgameio



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