LOCGame Week Review: July 21 — July 28

$LOCG Ferrum Staking Program Results, New NFT Ethics Committee, job vacancies, and more!

Jul 29 · 3 min read


$LOCG Ferrum Staking Program Results

Congratulations to everyone who staked in both pools! Keep tabs on the following information:

  • Early withdrawal start: 10/21/2021
  • Maturity date: 1/19/2022
  • For the Investor rewards = (Maturity Period in days/365) * (% APY at Maturity/100) * (Amount Staked)

For more information about our staking pools including APR rates, revisit our announcement article here.

NFT Ethics Committee

An NFT ethics committee has been set up at LOCGame to battle the ethical implications that NFTs might have within emerging economies around the world.

We will be tackling this head on and find solutions to the potential risks of having the game economy polluted with farmers and bots that would potentially abuse our token economy and player base. We will also couple this WITHOUT implementing high barriers of entry into the game ensuring our aspirations of mass adoption are fully realised.

The committee will be carefully examining methodologies to prevent the abuse of our economic system while keeping in mind the freedom and security of NFTs, and our tokens.

Join the Team

LOCGame is growing, and we’re excited to talk about our newest team members with you soon! Creating a game for Legends requires the best talent worldwide, and we’re looking for remote workers and those willing to work out of our office in Amsterdam.

Our hiring page has open vacancies for multiple roles, and in each position, you can find requirements and responsibilities for each. We want to hear from you! Send over your CV, motivation brief, and portfolio!

NFT Digest — July 22

The last NFT Digest of this month is coming up! Catch up this month as we break down some of the most relevant updates of the week within the industry easy-to-digest bits so that it’s fun and easy for you to read through.

Learn more about last week’s top projects, top NFT sales, major headlines, and more here.

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