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LOCGame Week Review: July 7 — July 14

Crypto Box prizes, new staking program, and more!


  1. LOCG is Giving Away Crypto Boxes!
  2. New $LOCG Ferrum Staking Program
  3. LOCGame Road Map 2.0
  4. NFT Digest

LOCG is Giving Away Crypto Boxes!

We’ve got some great news! Our community members and users who participated in our first NFT staking program on the Ferrum Network this is for you! Polygon wallet addresses that were registered during the staking program are eligible to receive at least 1 Crypto Box! Straight to the users’ Polygon wallet address.

The LOCG team issued temporary swappable NFTs in the form of crypto boxes, minted on the Polygon blockchain! In the near future, these temporary NFTs will be exchangeable for more valuable NFTs that will gain value once our robust and sustainable marketplace is established with the anticipated release of LOC Game/Marketplace!

Crypto Box Details:

The Crypto Boxes will be redeemable and swappable in the following forms:

  • Rare pack: includes 3 common regular cards and 1 uncommon regular card
  • Special pack: 3 common regular cards, 1 uncommon regular card, and 1 rare regular card

New $LOCG Ferrum Staking Program

Yesterday, July 13th, the LOCG team launched our next staking program with Ferrum Network. Everyone who previously took part of the last staking round in April and May will be getting another opportunity to earn $LOCG tokens as rewards.

Those who missed out on the initial staking period will be getting another chance now. However, it is for a short amount of time so make sure you are prepared!

Staking Details

New Staking Pools ( Legendary Rebel & Whale )

Both staking pools started on July 13, and will remain open for the next 10 days since then! Read more.

LOCGame Roadmap 2.0

LoC Game 2.0

This is the card game of Blockchain domination, we’re coming in strong, different, and unique. After several iterations of DesignerDave’s paper prototypes we’re ready to announce LoC 2.0

LoC Game 2.0 is going through a re-concepting phase after an influx of new game development and newly found knowledge from DesignerDave. We intend to build the game as something that is easy to pick up, but hard to master.

Read more about LoC Game 2.0!

NFT Digest — July 8

The NFT industry is hot and keeping track of it can be a full-time job in itself. So, we break down some of the most relevant updates of the week within the industry easy-to-digest bits so that it’s fun and easy for you to read through.

Learn more about last week’s top projects, top NFT sales, major headlines, and more here.

Join us today and keep up to date!









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