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LOCGame Week Review: June 23— June 30

Brand new card designs, VC Queen is in the spotlight, and more!


  1. New Card Designs and Updated UI
  2. LOCGame Spotlight Series: VC Queen
  3. NFT Digest

LOCGame Developments

New Card Designs and Updated UI!

We have a few updates in our core gameplay concept that will make the game be played more like Triple Triad game from Final Fantasy XIV. So it will be about board control but it will have a lot of extra crazy stuff and effects during the battle.

LOCGAME Spotlight Series: VC Queen

We’ve announced our latest exclusive and exciting Spotlight Series edition character! Meet VC (Venture Capital) Queen, the crypto verses’ boss lady that’s ready to take on the hottest new blockchain startup projects with the potential to become huge in the industry!

Her card statistics and scores are amazing too:

  • Influence: 70 — her available capital and connections make her very influential in crypto
  • Innovation: 35 — she’s more knowledgeable on the investment prospect than the tech
  • Developer Skills: 5 — her coding and developer skills aren’t quite up to par as many others
  • Community: 90 — she has quite a strong community base and network in her sphere
  • Top Wealth: 100 — her net worth is sky high in comparison to the average trader, at the top of the ladder
  • Impact: 25 — she has a relatively low impact on the overall crypto markets

Read more about her here!

NFT Digest

It’s officially been over a month since we started our weekly NFT reports! It’s the perfect time to brush up since our first one on May 26 to see how the Industry has changed since.

We break down some of the most relevant updates of the week within the industry easy-to-digest bits so that it’s fun and easy for you to read through.

Learn more about last week’s top projects, top NFT sales, major headlines, and more here.

Join us today and keep up to date!









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