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LOCGame Week Review: September 15 — September 22


  • LOCG NFT Marketplace
  • New Rarity Cards — Crypto Day Trader
  • NFT Digest

LOCG NFT Marketplace

The LOCG NFT Marketplace is set to release this mid-November! The LegendsofCrypto team has been working hard for months to create a fully-functioning native marketplace where all our in-game assets, and NFTs can be traded by utilizing our $LOCG token.

Our token will be our ecosystem’s full-fledged utility token to be completely exchangeable with NFTs within our metaverse. To give you an idea about what our marketplace is going to look like, watch our latest video showcasing its features.

Version 1.0 Features:

  • Marketplace Homepage: Displays a list of all products available to purchase.
  • Card Library :Displays a List of all the available cards with search and filters.
  • Product Page: Present an individual product to the user with options for purchase.
  • User Profile Page: Allows the user to update their display name, and users registered with email to update their email.
  • Wish list: Allows users to add and remove products from their wishlist of future purchases.
  • My Items Page: Displays the users unopened purchases and all of their cards with search and filter options.
  • Wallet Page: Allows the user to connect a wallet. Displays the balance of the current wallet and the recent transactions.
  • Security Page: Allows email registered users to update their password
  • Support Page: Displays a FAQ and contact form to allow users to get help with issues.
  • Login Modal: Allow for login using email and password, Google, or Facebook. Allows email registered users to reset forgotten password.
  • Metamask Integration: Allow users to make payments with a Metamask wallet through the browser extension or WalletConnect on mobile.

New Rarity Cards — Crypto Day Trader

The Crypto Day Trader is relatable to many! He buys and sells cryptocurrency on the same day based on price fluctuations and predictions from following industry news.

His life consists of late nights, empty energy drink cans, and charts. Things can get sweaty, and he always second-guesses his decision after taking it, but once he’s sold crypto or bought crypto, he has to live with the decision, albeit a short-term one.

These are our latest rarity cards and it’ll be available to play with in LOCGame!

NFT Digest

We’re still in bear-season but as the end of the month approaches, the market should be recovering fast! At least historically. Follow our NFT Digest’s to keep track on how the market has been reacting week-by-week! Make sure you read up on last week’s NFT Digest before the next one is out!

Every week, we break down the most relevant NFT industry updates into easy-to-digest bits that are fun and easy for you to read through.

Learn more about last week’s top projects, top NFT sales, major headlines, and more here.

For partnership and collaboration inquiries to us by email: partnerships@locgame.io

Remember, we will never contact you first. Reach out to us on our official platforms for any questions!









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