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LOCGame Weekly Update, November 5

Hello Legends! It’s Friday again, and this week has been absolutely mindblowing for LOCGame and RBL Labs. Grab your favorite drink, sit back, and relax as we showcase some of our biggest weekly milestones. Yayyy…. the official game launch has been released (keep on reading).

As you already know, every Friday we send out our weekly recap full of updates on product/business development, marketing, and even sneak peeks of our internal team activities! We’re having an exciting journey so far at LegendsOfCrypto as we continue to further develop the game.

More importantly, we want to thank you for your interest in and dedication to LOCGame, as we always strive to keep you in the know regarding what’s happening internally.

1. News from Amsterdam HQ
2. Website Update by Art and the Design team
3. Partnerships and Business Development
4. Marketing and Community — AMA for next week, new liquidity staking in progress
5. Tech team: JJJ and Game Devs
6. They talk about LOCG

1. News from Amsterdam HQ

LOCG is now a part of the NFT curriculum of the Udemy course about NFTs! With a rating of 4.5 stars, this course is so popular that it’s been attended by 3,500 students worldwide! We’re humbled to learn that LOCG will also be featured in the new course about GameFi and blockchain soon. Stay tuned!

The founder of the course, Henri Centiero, talks about LegendsOfCrypto during his Udemy teaching session

Working from home? Why not? Autumn is now upon us in Amsterdam, all at LOCGame, we’re all about home office flexibility, especially on this very rainy day!

Designing a new card game that is enjoyable and fun, while being different from your standard “Hearthstone-like” clones, isn’t an easy task. We love challenges though, and this week, our team spent many hours on crafting the balance of the cards, working on future play-to-earn mechanics, and introducing game strategies to LegendsOfCrypto.

The first week of November has started off with a bang, full of fun and tasks to implement with Ngoc and Andria in our HQ! This week, Ngoc hosted the fourth “Crypto-Knowledge Bites” session. With the theme all about “A Look Into The Metaverse Economies” — a brilliant way to bring this trendy topic to the LOC team and take a deep dive into the metaverse ecosystem.

More importantly, as a hurdle towards the end of 2021, we officially announced the Alpha Game release date!

Did you already check our Twitter? We’ll start accepting Early Access applications on the 15th of November. Are you ready to be one of the very first people who gets to play our amazing game? Stay tuned!

2. Art and the Design team

We’re so proud to have finalized our new brand identity! Our mission is to not only bring fun blockchain games to the market, but also be a leader in NFT art, where creative quality has been questionable to say the least (until now).

Kristina, our Head Art and Designer, did astonishing work in unifying several themes that we loved and used in art creation.

We do like style, and are planning to have a big surprise for our community in coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Additionally, we’re guessing that all of our Legends are waiting for something even bigger — our card games. Every week, we’ll introduce you to our new card designs, with many updates about the character concepts and their superior features. Make sure you don’t miss any weekly updates and follow-up on our card game series!

Tell us which are your favorites… we’re curious to know!

3. Partnerships and Business Development

We love the idea of interplayability with in-game assets — to stand behind our passion, we’ve entered into a brand new partnership (just today) with the OGs of blockchain gaming — Blockchain Cuties. These guys released their first blockchain game in 2018, and we’re proud to start working with them.

To kick things off, we’ve already added an amazing LOCG Cutie in their metaverse. Meet Crypto KOL Cutie:

Better yet, here are the juicier details! Buyers and collectors of a rare Crypto KOL card from LegendsOfCrypto will automatically receive this KOL Cutie, and can start playing yet another game! We have many other exciting plans for inter playability with their cute team — read more in our Medium article here.

4. Marketing and Community

We are launching a Grid Trading Competition on KuCoin! We are so excited about it that we decided to have an internal competition within our team. Every LOCG team member will participate in the competition and the best performer will receive a valuable prize. Of course, we’re hoping to beat other folks on KuCoin in this battle!

Stay Tuned for the Official Announcement!

New podcast#5 is out on Spotify!

If you love hot and spicy, this episode is for you! We interviewed Cyberpong — the NFT game that allows users to experience Amsterdam’s Red Light district from the comfort of their own space.

5. Tech team update

JJJ Team update:

This week it was a lot about collecting feedback/Q&A from our team testing the marketplace. So much fun! Buying actual playing cards on Rinkbey network. Now the JJJ team has lots of input to work on and implement improvements prior to Marketplace launch.

JJJs also worked on the layout improvements and some bug fixes to ensure you guys have a seamless experience when collecting LOCG cards.

Game Dev Team week update:

This week our Game Dev Team worked on building the flexible structure to the card design system. We are working on a new balance scores system to ensure you will not stop playing LegendsOfCrypto unless you are out of battery, or any other force-majeure happens.

Oleg Fisher briefs the team about the new system implementation progress

6. They talk about LOCG

Wall Street Hunter on Twitter: “The word #Metaverse has been on everybody’s lips recently, and with the current trend we see one of our favorite projects @LOCgameio $XIL take the stage with their announcement of Metaverse DAO 🚀”


5/11 the view from LOCG HQ in Amsterdam

Happy weekend, legends!

Yours truly,

The LOCGame Team




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