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NFT Digest — July 1, 2021

Weekly NFT updates from LegendsofCrypto(LOCGame)!

Mark Cuban Backed NFT Platform Mintable Raises $13M

NFT platform Mintable, one of Mark Cuban’s crypto-related investments, has successfully raised $13 million in a Series A funding round. The NFT mining and trading platform offers gas-free minting and will be using the funds to develop new products and make the process of purchasing and selling NFTs easier.

NFT digital property company Animoca Brands raises a total of $139 million in recent funding round

Hong-Kong-based firm Animoca Brands which provides digital property rights through NFTs and blockchain tech has announced that it raised close to $139 million total in its most recent funding round.

Investors include Coinbase Ventures, Global Partners, Samsung Venture Investment Corporation, and others! The funds will be used to finance new products, investments and acquisitions, and intellectual property licenses.

World Wide Web Source Code NFT Sells at Sotheby’s For $5.43 million — BeInCrypto

The source code for the World Wide Web has sold for a staggering $5.43 million as an NFT in Sotheby’s auction! The NFT is dubbed “This Changed Everything” and highlighted the invention of the internet.

The bids started at $1000 and within the last two days soared to $2.8 million until it ended at the selling price. The NFT includes the original 9,555 lines of code that became the internet, the origins of HTML, HTTP, URIs, HTML documents, and a video showing the internet’s inventor Berners-Lee writing the code.

Highest 7-Day Sales:

In the past 7 days (June 24 — July 1) the top 7 NFT sales amounted to a total of $2,388.25M and a $244.09k increase from last week.

Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunk remain on the list from last week, and CryptoPunk is on a streak! This week’s top sale takes the lead by $494.05k at a price point of $891.81k, lower than last week’s top sale.

Top 5 Projects to Consider for Investment Portfolio:

In the past 7 days (June 24 — July 1) the top 5 projects amounted to a total of $18,422,982.99M and 21,608 sales.

This week CryptoPunks and Art Blocks switched places, and the former takes the lead in sales volume at $7,429,653.97M and Sorare in sales at 392,304.

For the third week in a row sales volume has increased! This weeks increase is by $7,077,988.7M and Sorare shows up for another week in a row!

Top NFT Marketplaces:

In the past 7 days (June 24 — July 1) the top 7 marketplaces had a total of $119.06M in sales volume, a $23.16M increase from last week! AtomicMarket takes the lead in traders at 85,757.

Axie Infinity has dethroned OpenSea and ended its three-week long streak by taking its place as number 1 this week, and all the top 7 markets have had a significant increase, some close to 90%.

This is the fifth week in a row that total sales volume increases!

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