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Meet the Amazing LOCGame Development Team!

Especially in the crypto and blockchain industry, people who make up a project are what really drive the overall passion and enthusiasm to build great products and services. After all, what’s a project without its team?

Here at LOCGame, we’re extremely proud of our strong development team, as they help bring our ideas and plans of action to life. They’re the brains behind our vast operation, thinking of new ways to enhance our ecosystem and, most importantly, putting these ideas into practice.

Unquestionably, we’ve onboarded the best of the best talent that will turn LOCGame into a huge success. So without further ado, please meet our development team below!

Janet Han — Tech Lead:

I’ve basically seen it all throughout my 15+ years in the field. Coming from a background of being a multi-disciplinary engineer, I’ve learned that problem-solving and continuous learning are two things that I absolutely love. Throughout my career, I’ve severed in various management and production roles, including those within the web, app, and game development fields. Not only that, but I’ve also worked with two previous NFT marketplaces and even an NFT game!

In my spare time, I teach as a member of the Professional Engineering Government Laison Chair and serve as a Distinguished Faculty Program member as part of my service.

Now, I’m very passionate about LOCG and deeply committed to providing prosperity with my expertise in startups, my love for innovation, and action-oriented/results-driven leadership skills.

John Lee — Software Developer:

I’m a typical software developer who loves programming. I tend to be a very objective and optimistic person who always tries to see the positive side of all situations. In my free time, I enjoy watching automated activities as simulations. Although I was once a passionate gamer, now my fingers don’t move as quickly, but I still enjoy the concept of gaming as a whole.

In the future, I’d love to run a crypto farm with a rack full of miners. However, I currently run a tiny smart farm growing veggies. My curiosity for NFTs and passion for gaming ultimately led me to join LOCGame!

Jason Nicholls — Full Stack Developer:

I was born and raised in Southern Ontario Canada, not far from the beautiful Niagara Falls. My journey to becoming a software developer has been a winding one, beginning as a teen where I taught myself to code.

After high school, I ended up in the tire business for many years working as a technician and store manager of Tirecraft Beamsville, an Off-Road Service Coordinator for Kal Tire. While I was doing all this, I continued to learn and pursue coding as a hobby. When down-sizing left me unemployed, this presented me with an opportunity to turn a hobby I loved into a career, so I enrolled in a software engineering immersive boot camp and haven’t looked back since.

Now I get to spend my day learning new technologies, making cool stuff, and putting my creations on the internet for others to enjoy! In my free time, I work on a personal project called Palm Patrol, a community watch web app that helps people keep up-to-date with community events.

Outside of coding, I’m an outdoorsman and enjoy playing guitar.

Oleg Fischer — Unity 3D Developer:

I played my very first video game in 1988 on Atari 800 — that was the catalyst that inspired me to make games, as I knew it was something I loved to do and could be great at. After studying computer science at the University of Technology in Berlin (where game development at that moment was not considered a serious area of study) in 2010, I finally landed a job as a Flash Developer.

In 2012, when Flash was officially declared dead by Apple, I moved to native iOS development. At the same time, I discovered Unity and, since 2015, I’ve worked as a full-time developer for them. Since then, I’ve worked on multiple projects for different platforms (PC, PS4, mobile, Hololens).

I enjoy being in this industry despite its shakes and ups/downs. Creativity is an important part of my life, and video games are a perfect match of art and technology that keep amazing and inspiring me.

Daniel Brinca — Unity 3D Developer:

I learned from an early age that I liked making games more than actually playing them! While the concept of actually playing the game was fun, the idea of being able to design it yourself and customize it however you want was alluring to me.

Since then, I’ve been working as a programmer and designer with over 30 years of software/game development experience.



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