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New LOCGame Alpha Launch Festival Staking in Partnership with Polygon!

To celebrate the launch of our Marketplace and Alpha Game Release, we’re launching a totally unique staking program! Earn rewards in $LOCG and $MATIC tokens, and get a chance to win unique NFTs!

30 days till 30 November! Read further for all the juicy details of this unique program and the opportunity everyone has ahead!

Polygon Partnership & Alpha Launch

Polygon (Matic) has awarded us with a grant of 15,000 USDT — we can’t thank them enough for their continued commitment and support to fund LOCGame’s future development. We will be distributing the full grant to our community members via the staking program to share the wealth.

We also couldn’t be more thrilled for our upcoming Alpha Launch which will officially be taking place in late November.

LOCGame’s Alpha Launch will give everyone an opportunity to test out our truly amazing game and buy NFT packs — our team has been hard at work behind the scenes to create the most immersive and powerful gaming experience, and we’re sure you’re all excited to try it out when the time comes!

The wait is almost over, so let’s get ready to rumble!

Staking Program Details

To celebrate this milestone and provide all of our supporters with the opportunity to get lucrative rewards, we’re launching our Alpha Launch Staking Pool today (10/28/21) — the staking duration is 30 days (Maturity).


  • 100% APR in $LOCG APR rewarded automatically at maturity
  • + extra 2% bonus in $MATIC tokens
  • + Lottery to win 1 NFT Crypto Celebrities Pack and 1 NFT Crypto Founders Pack from LOCGame
  • + Lottery to win 3 NFTs from our partners Dragons of Zobrotera
3 Dragon NFTs are up for grabs!

There will be no early rewards available to investors.

Staking will open on the 28th of October, 2021 and will remain available for a duration of 3 days, so hurry up as spaces are limited!

You can begin staking within the pool by going to this link: https://stake.unifyre.io/locgame/info/0xe9c9a9cdbca700a34309081db57b82256406a6af

Interested in partaking in the staking program? There’s one more step you’ll need to follow before it goes live! Ensure you’ve downloaded MetaMask and load it with the desired amount of $LOCG tokens you want to take. Before the staking program takes place, make sure you connect your wallet to the Ferrum Network.

To learn more, please navigate to https://locgame.io/staking for further details.

We wish everyone luck and success for what’s to come — see you all there soon!



LOCGame is a Play2Earn #NFT & Collectible Strategy Card Game featuring legendary characters from #crypto & #web3

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LegendsOfCrypto | LOCGame

LOCGame is a Play2Earn #NFT & Collectible Strategy Card Game featuring legendary characters from #crypto & #web3