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NFT Digest — June 17, 2021

Weekly NFT updates from LegendsofCrypto(LOCGame)!

Sotherby’s will auction World Wide Web source code as NFT

On June 23, the World Wide Web’s source code will be turned into an NFT by its creator, British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee to auction on Sotheby’s starting at $1,000.

NFT Marvel Marketplace Coming to Binance Smart Chain

Fans of Marvel Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe rejoice! The NFT Marvel Marketplace built on Binance Smart Chain will allow fans to become traders, and collectors can also earn -NFT tokens called Marvel fan tokens by interacting with the platform.

U.S. Space Force-licensed NFTs get issued on Solana blockchain

Blockchain-based videogame Star Atlas has released the first United States Space Force licensed NFT dubbed ‘Star Atlas Legends: Armstrong Forever.’ on the Solana Blockchain.

The collaboration also makes this the first between a Blockchain-based game and a military space force (the world’s only independent space force.

Highest 7-Day Sales:

In the past 7 days (June 10 — June 17) the top 7 NFT sales amounted to a total of $1,179.8M.

Similar to last week many of the top-performing NFT sales on the list are newcomers. CryptoPunks keeps showing up every week, and takes the lead by $334.32k at a price point of $314.17k less than last week’s top NFT sale.

From last week, total sales have dropped by $471.85k, the third consecutive week that total sales drop.

Top 5 Projects to Consider for Investment Portfolio:

In the past 7 days (June 10 — June 17), the top 5 projects amounted to a total of $9,381,096.4M in sales volume and 9,988 sales.

For the third week in a row CryptoPunks takes the lead in sales volume at $4.21M and Sorare in sales 6,705.

Ending a two-week streak of decrease, the sales volume have increased by $2,200,027.38M from last week. Art Blocks makes a new appearance in the list and overtakes Sorare’s place in second.

Top NFT Marketplaces:

In the past 7 days (June 10— June 17) the top 7 marketplaces had a total of $76.28M in sales volume and 214,642 traders.

OpenSea takes the lead in sales volume for the third week in a row at $26.45M and NBA Top Shot experienced a 78.73% increase in traders to 121,698.

This is the third week in a row that total sales volume increases, and by $7.32M.

Read last week’s NFT Digest here!

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