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John Cena calls his own NFT sales a ‘catastrophic failure’

Professional wrestler John Cena has said that his NFT sales were a complete failure after fans only purchased 7.4% of his WWE NFTs. The legendary figure attributed part of the failure to marketing the NFTs as part of a package with physical collectibles.

John Cena was a major crypto fan long before most began adopting it. Considering that, it would be unsurprising if Cena returns with another improved NFT sale!

Fantasy soccer NFT platform Sorare scores $680 million raise led by SoftBank

Soccer-focused NFT trading platform Sorare has successfully raised $680 million in a Series B fundraiser led by Softbank, taking the platform to a total valuation of $4.3 billion.

The investors were older backers and new investors including D1 Capital and Atomico. Sorare now has over 600,000 users and licensed players from over 180 soccer teams including Real Madrid.

OpenSea Confirms Employee Involved in NFT Trading Scandal Has Resigned

On September 15 the largest NFT marketplace admitted that one of its employees was conducting Insider Trading to profit off of NFT sales.

Open Sea’s now ex-Head of Product at Opensea, Nate Chastain, has officially resigned after being exposed by a user on Twitter for buying NFTs ahead of time and selling them once they go live on OpenSea’s homepage.

The event has become one of the largest NFT scandals in NFT history at a time when NFT adoption is still increasing.

Highest 7-Day Sales:

In the past 7 days (September 16 — September 23), the top 7 NFT sales amounted to a total of $10.3M and for the first time in weeks, CryptoPunks has fallen from the list!

Art Blocks takes the lead with Chromie Squiggle #7583 at a price point of $2.76 million followed by Bored Ape Yacht Club. Art Blocks dominates the list in appearances, taking four placements on this week’s top 7 NFT sales.

Top 5 Projects to Consider for Investment Portfolio:

In the past 7 days (September 16 — September 23), the top 7 projects amounted to a total of $208,858,673.54M in sales volume and 434,404 in sales amount.

Axie Infinity takes the lead for another week in a row, with the highest sales volume at $103M and sales amount at 422,930. Growth this past week has been minor in terms of sales volume and sales amount.

This week, we have another newcomer on the list, The project currently sits at a weekly volume of $20,791,068.95 M and a sales amount of 2,727.

Top NFT Marketplaces:

In the past 7 days (September 16 — September 23), the top 7 projects amounted to a total of $703.41M in sales volume and 375,909 in total traders. Interestingly, even though total traders decreased, the total sales amount increased by over 120%.

OpenSea takes the lead this week as the project with both the highest sales volume at $559.61M and sales amount at traders at 171,319.

Veterans make up the entirety of the list this week, but how many will stay till next week?

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