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NFT Digest — September 30, 2021

Weekly NFT updates from LegendsofCrypto(LOCGame)!


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  • Highest 7-Day Sales
  • Top 5 Projects to Consider for Investment Portfolio
  • Top NFT Marketplaces

Dogecoin Creator Backs Ethereum, NFT Compatibility

Shibetoshi Nakomoto, the founder of the infamous meme currency Dogecoin has expressed that Dogecoin could benefit from becoming more compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem and allowing a DOGE-ETH token to use for trading on NFT platforms to increase the utility of DOGE.

The latest announcement comes nine days after AMC CEO Adam Aron asked his Twitter followers whether or not the first should start accepting DOGE.

ETH is the asset of choice for NFTs minted for NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain. Layer 1 coins like SOL and FTM have been adopted as payment options as their NFT ecosystems continue to grow.

Supposed 17-year-old artist sells $138,000 worth of fake NFTs and disappears

A 17-year-old 3D digital artist has performed a “rugpull” a term known for delivering on a project and disappearing with all the money after leaving with about 1,000 SOL ($138,000). Iconics promised to deliver more than 8,000 NFTs in the form of 3D figurines.

2,000 NFTs went up for sale and completely sold out, however, instead of artwork, the buyers received a random collection of emojis costing 0.5 SOL.

NFT News: Ripple Launches $250M Creator Fund, Christie’s Sells $12M of NFTs

Ripple has announced the launch of a $250 million creator fund to support artists, creators, brands, and marketplaces in exploring use cases for NFTs on the XRPL!

Ripple also announced a new partnership with MintNFT, Mintable, and VSA Partners to accelerate the goals of the creator fund in reducing barriers to entry.

Highest 7-Day Sales:

In the past 7 days (September 23 — September 30), the top 7 NFT sales amounted to a total of $18.96M and dominated by two NFTs that aren’t affiliated by any projects!

‘Some Asshole’ takes first place at a price point of $3.9 million followed by ‘All Time High in the City’. Both are not affiliated with any project, Art Blocks dominates the list in appearances for another week!

Total sales price increased from last week by $8.66M

Top 5 Projects:

In the past 7 days (September 23 — September 30), the top 7 projects amounted to a total of $141,986,419.02M in sales volume and 16,711 in sales amount.

CryptoPunks breaks Axie Infinity’s two-week streak in first place with the highest sales volume at $43M but falls short at sales amount. GalacticApes picks up the slack at 9,372 sales.

Top NFT Marketplaces:

In the past 7 days (September 23 — September 30), the top 7 projects amounted to a total of $126.07M in sales volume and 110,927 in total traders. Total sales volume and total traders have both taken a MASSIVE hit from last week’s respective $559.61M and 171,319 traders.

OpenSea remains in the lead for this week as the project with both the highest sales volume at $96.58M and sales amount at traders at 50,782.

The biggest names in the industry make up the majority of the list this week. Will there be space for new players in the future? Let us know what you think!

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