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Put Your Hands Together for the New LOCPOD Series!

Calling all crypto and NFT enthusiasts!

Watch our latest episode of LOCPOD here.

We hope everyone’s been soaking in all of the latest and greatest updates from LOCGame. If you like what you’ve seen so far, then you’re in for a shell-shocking announcement today!

Our team is absolutely thrilled and proud to bring you the LOCPOD, the next immersive development for our amazing project. We’ll be hosting this exciting roundtable podcast for all of our biggest fans, NFT artists, crypto investors, and businesses.

This podcast is quite exclusive, as we’re one of the only blockchain/NFT projects that is conducting one to date!

It’s an event that you definitely won’t want to miss, so make sure to tune in to all of the pertinent details below.

General Podcast Details

We invite all of you to participate in our podcast series and join the fun! Details on anticipated dates, timing, and our hosts can be found below:

  • Frequency: Each episode will occur once a month
  • Date/time: Episodes will be published on Fridays at 6:00 PM CET time
  • Length: Timing will range from 30 minutes to 1 hour per episode
  • Kickoff: We’re launching the first podcast episode on July 9

The podcast series will be co-hosted by Khalid Shihabi (our Marketing and Community Manager) and David Fried (Our Game and Narrative Designer).

We’re confident these two are the perfect fit to host our podcast!

Discussion Topics

These unique events will be a great way to help promote our project and the NFT space — we’ll be discussing the hottest trends and topics including general LOCGame updates, high-tier guests selected from our exclusive partnership network, industry information, and more!

Each episode will include an inclusive discussion of all participants, with rounds of questions and answers mainly involving our guest speakers.

LOCPOD is where legends listen, so stay vigilant here on our Medium page to get the latest updates. You’ll want to be ready when the time comes when the first episode goes live!

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