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Showcasing Community Campaign Winners!

Hey LOC community!

A month ago we had a community campaign that featured different competitions, and overall it has been a huge success! We had a lot of participation and had great fun looking at your cards and rating your submissions.

Now we want to share the best ones with you, so welcome our winners:

The Sniper — @DeliciosaMonstera

“A traders fate is handed to the one that patiently waits.”

We really liked this card because it featured all of the things that we were looking for in a submission — fits the style of LOC, features a common trope of crypto community (a patient trader that rarely misses) and has balanced stats. Overall, a real winner!

Gas Warrior — @minakianni

“She will burn you in your own ETH”

Enjoyed this one as well, especially considering how relevant the joke was — we took a look at our ETH fees and yeah, we need a Gas Warrior in our lives!

The Fudder — @BarisKay

“Spreads negative and false information”

China FUD, Tesla FUD, regulation FUD — this guy has it all! Really enjoyed the card, but slightly disagreeing on the Impact stat. Judging by the state of the market now, the impact should be way larger, unfortunately.

The Gem Hunter — @kleophilo

“Big thinker and research maniac”

The 1000x’er. The Uniswap master. The visionaire. We all strive to be this guy. At the moment he is probably patiently waiting for DeFi summer 2.0 to strike again.

The Scammer — @jagerman00

“Dangerous and unethical”

Yep, that’s how we see them too — rugpullers, hackers and scammers. As unpleasant as they are, they still play a huge role in the crypto community, and therefore we really liked the card (way more than the type of person depicted on it).

And that was it! Stay tuned to our socials, we will surely host more campaigns like this in the future.

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