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What is Lock&Offers?

Earn While You Learn

The mission at the heart of Lock&Stock is a staggering one. According to studies, nearly a quarter of students actively use their phones during class, and about two thirds claim to have an addiction to the rectangular shaped devices that reside in their pockets. Yes, contrary to popular opinion, nomophobia truly does exist.

To combat this, we decided to reward the UAE’s students for not using their phones when in class, and built our incentive model on the link between time spent offline and student discounts. This was the foundation of our marketing portal, which has since gone on to be called Lock&Offers.

Lock&Offers works as follows. For every three minutes students’ phones are locked, students earn one point. The longer students’ phones are locked, the more points they earn. Those points can then be redeemed for offers and discounts from brands participating on Lock&Offers.

Lock&Offers has over two hundred partner brands, including some of the UAE’s most beloved, such as Vox Cinemas, Novo Cinemas, Forever 21, Charlie’s Philly Steaks and Nando’s. Many of the nation’s online titans, like Zomato, Careem and Talabat, are also present on the portal, as are brands for whom the student market is a key revenue driver, including Typo, Kinokuniya and FiLLi Café.

Lock&Offers is a free to use platform for partner brands, and offers marketers and advertisers direct promotional access to the UAE’s millennial demographic.

If Lock&Offers is utilized to its fullest potential, it has the ability to build tremendous brand loyalty for its partners.

This is because, while the students using the app are rather limited in their purchasing power in the present, they will go on to become the future of the UAE’s workforce, and therefore the future of the consumer market. Lock&Offers allows brands to cultivate these customers at an early age.

While Lock&Stock will undoubtedly expand into new territories and numerous directions in the months and years to come, Lock&Offers will maintain its status as the centerpiece of our strategy.



By providing students with a tangible reward for paying attention in class, our aim is to push higher attendance levels, better test scores, and on a broader level, improve the educational experience as a whole.

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