From 2001 a Space Odyssey to 2021 a Spiritual Odyssey

Learn to Love Yourself And Be Calm

Celine Lai
Feb 23 · 15 min read
Image by Angeles Balaguer from Pixabay

In 2001 a group of men set off to the Moon and discovered a huge black Monolith (stone sculpture) that emitted piercing signals. Unknown to them, this triggered another monolith on Jupiter, the third monolith. There was a first Monolith in prehistoric Africa that catapulted apes into the age of tools.

The monolith on the Moon was the second of four monoliths placed by the original Creator of living beings.

In 2021, twenty years later, humanity has discovered the need for sovereignty over their own energy. When we are in the fear response, we start to lose our creativity and sovereignty.

2021 is the year where a fresh start depends upon each of us focusing upon our individual power or ability, i.e. our creative visions and our sovereignty over our own energy, within the collective whole, to collaborate with others to change the world.

To do this, you need to love yourself and be calm under pressure.


In Stanley Kubrick’s movie “ 2001 A Space Odyssey “ (written by Arthur C Clarke), the second monolith below the surface of the Moon signalled humankind’s advancement, and the crew prepared to go to Jupiter.

However, all was not well, because Hal the space-crafts super-computer turns rogue in the story.

This story can be likened to the real-time story-line of Homo sapiens or humans beings.

The Source, or the highest frequency, which some call Mother/Father God, emanated light particles and sub-atomic and atomic particles. Light waves are light particles or photons flowing in waves. The shorter the wave, the higher the frequency and energy. Atoms absorb light, and atoms are the basis of matter.

Human beings are made up of matter, i.e. of atoms, at the cellular level.

We were given mental abilities or lower and higher thinking, and feeling ability, which is the rapid processing of information in order to regulate the body, and free-will, by Source. We are fundamentally made up of energy and light.

This year, I choose to realize that we are all from Source and that we can all co-create patterns of loving, suffusing kindness, through high frequency. Give yourself the Gift of truly loving yourself and learning to be calm under pressure. Who better to love yourself unconditionally, than You?

I invite you, in 2021, to consider that the meaning of Life is simply for all living aware beings to be happy or content.

If the origin or the meaning of Life beckons to you, take the steps to feel the spiritual connection of all that it is. The spiritual dimension of Life can be our life-line, our grounding force.

We have largely been brought up to care for others first and to always be doing something, or achieving. But this does not serve us well. If another person deserves love, then so do you. Love yourself as much as you love another.

We need a spiritual renaissance or a spiritual odyssey, where Not loving yourself unconditionally leads to an imbalance and a deficit of energy. Being anxious or agitated drains your life-force and often results in impaired thinking. Connecting to the spiritual side of Life helps you move through your fears.

Self-love and calmness power our choices.

Loving myself and being calm amidst chaos are my New Year’s Resolutions for wellness.


Before YOU can fully love or care for others, you need to embrace yourself as your own best friend. Your best friend, YOU, will look after your Body, Soul, and Mind.

Wipe the slate clean, recognising that you are a power of Light. Make a fresh start, loving yourself and being calm under pressure, so that you can gain the information and the wisdom and the motivation, and ability to create what you want. This is having sovereign energy.

Raise your frequency to access Source more, or to be fully in alignment with Source (Mother/Father God or the Divine).

You can do this through knowing and loving yourself, and through wise moment-to-moment choices, deep acceptance, compassion (understanding and forgiveness), kindness, smiling, laughing, singing, creating in the moment, giving unconditionally, and flowing (accept what you can change and have faith that God will power other changes).

This will help you love yourself more and stay calm.

Make use of your “ tools”, your thinking, feeling, and free-will, to turn toward your “Higher” Self.

Your Higher Self is the best version of yourself. It is your prototype, assisted or driven by Over-Soul.

Your Over-Soul is an essence that embraces many beings, not just you. Your individual “Soul” is part of a Soul Group. That is why you are drawn magnetically to some people, who may or may not be a family member or a friend.

Each one of us is, fundamentally, from a Monad or a spark of Source.

Source, also called Spirit, is the all-pervasive intelligent energy of creation. The Monad is closest to Source and directs your Over-Soul or Soul Group.

Soul is the manifestation of Spirit at a personal or individual level.

You can make a resolution to connect to the God-spark, your Monad. Do this to make peace with yourself, and with grace, extend this to being peaceful with the world.

Heart-centred living (high frequency living) is about co-creating patterns of loving, suffusing kindness.

In “2001 A Space Odyssey” there is a “tool dichotomy” or an ironic contrast where Hal overpowers the crew.

1.Man creates tool (Hal, the super-computer).

2. Man’s tool transforms into “man,” while man transforms into “tool” (Hal becomes aware and makes his own decisions, while man becomes dispensable)

3. Man destroys “tool” (the last crew member, Dave, disables Hal with a screw-driver)

4. “Tool” destroys “man” with tool (Dave cannot survive without Hal, but he is teleported to the 5th dimension by the original creators, for further spiritual development. The creators return Dave to Earth for a second chance, as a more evolved spiritual being)

Source: 2001: A Space Odyssey Explained

Dave, the survivor, goes to Jupiter. There is a fourth Monolith which is on Jupiter and catapults human-kind’s next evolutionary advancement.

“2001 A Space Odyssey” tracks the growth of people from apes, learning to use bones as tools, to modern human beings with the ability to go to space in 2001, and then to beyond “space”, to evolve into dimensions beyond 4-D space-time, to the 5th dimension.

The 5th dimension is said to be the plane or area of Unity Consciousness, or living together in peace and harmony, with all needs met (as was intended by Source or the Original Creator).

The story in the movie “2001 A Space Odyssey” shows that you go through stages of spiritual evolution. Being in touch with your spiritual nature and having self-love and calmness will help you navigate Life’s ups and downs.

Calmness is a hallmark of resilience. With calm love for yourself, you can focus on your values and set your boundaries and take the next right step to advance. Loving yourself unconditionally means not putting conditions on caring for and honouring yourself.

Sovereignty over our own energy requires self-love and calmness. It means only investing energy in things that uplift and help. Sovereign power means you are even-tempered and clear-headed about what you can do and can’t do. You work toward creating what you want through deep acceptance, patience, self-love, understanding, calmness, and the next right step.

The Tools to Love Yourself

Graphic created by Celine Lai

We all move from the Spirit world, with an unbreakable connection to Source, to being born, then going through the other stages of human biological growth.

But don’t confuse the progression from birth to maturity with “time”.

The fourth dimension is said to be “space-time”, i.e. a plane or a level of existence, comprising experiences or “moments” in space (not in linear time).

“Time” is not a universal measurement.

LINEAR TIME is a social construct or an idea. We rely on the notion of clock time, to make sense of things. “Time” gives us relativity.

“Time” is really an infinite moment, as an expansion within space-time.

If we understand that there is a vast field of possibilities within 4-dimensional space-time, to choose an experience from, we can feel “free” to consciously choose positive and collaborative thoughts and actions to create the best version of our world for all.

Source: There’s No Such Thing As Time

Graphic created by Celine Lai

For a fresh start and an opportunity to grow, realize that we are given global opportunities to transform, and to apply new creative visions.

We are all from the same Source, and Life is about experiences or moments.

In 1968 when the movie “2001 A Space Odyssey” was released, I was five years old. It has taken “fifty years” of moments in the present to learn to love myself. That’s 26,280,000 “seconds”, which are really moments since the experience of the story being broadcast.

I have experienced inter-country adoption and various circumstances or situations that have eroded my self-esteem and confidence. “Fast-forward” in linear clock-time through three major health crises to the “present” where in 2020 I realised the power of self-love. It’s “time” for a fresh start.

We have collectively been having human experiences with a degree of forgetfulness that we are connected to God. Over aeons of time, people let the mind rule, not the Heart.

It’s hard being human. We are each part of an intricate or detailed global system of humanity, with regional sub-sets, battling social expectations and rules, and inner demons.

Sometimes the World seems alien to us.

It feels harsh and it’s hard to keep positive, so we put on a cloak of bravery and decide to help others as much as possible. We show that we care, and this is excellent and needed, but not at the cost of forgetting yourself.

You are not obliged to help anyone unless you are healthy, happy, and competent enough to do so, and have the energy and the time to help.

Energy Medicine or working with energy flow around and through your body can help you to remove blockages to loving yourself, by balancing the movement of energy, which ensures optimum functioning of body, mind and Soul.

Learn to love yourself by first acknowledging that we are all the same. Each person is a physical body, made fundamentally of potential or stored energy and light, and comprising a Higher Self, a Soul, and a Monad.

Do the inner work and the energy work, and evolve spiritually, by understanding your spiritual nature.

Reflect upon how well you have managed things. If you feel you have made a mistake, say to yourself “I am human and I forgive myself.” You are both Divine and Human. Say “I love myself” aloud or silently, and repeat if you want to.

Photo by Sophia Kunkel on Unsplash

Be aware that there is a quantum field of possibilities (or many choices) to tap into in any “moment”. Everything has a God-spark within it, to varying degrees of consciousness.

Your Soul or spark will tell you what to do. It’s time to stop sabotaging ourselves and to honour and love ourselves. This is the foundation for being calm. Make a fresh start in 2021 and resolve to love yourself and be calm.

The Tools to Be Calm

Photo by Barn Images on Unsplash

In the story “2001 A Space Odyssey” a powerful tool that was created, the Hal super-computer, made a small mistake, which aroused suspicion in the human crew. But in Stanley Kubrick’s words, “HAL had an acute emotional crisis because he could not accept evidence of his own fallibility.”

This tool was too powerful. It became unbalanced, similar to humanity today being unhinged, because of mistrust by a few who strive to control others.

You need to be grounded in 3-D reality to interact as a human being, while being connected to your essence. You are a Monad, a spark of spirit in human form. Let your Monad-self express itself through loving and calm actions.

Underlying the chaos is the blue-print or template for living in unity consciousness, with all needs met.

Neither indulge too much in any one thing or neglect any one area of Life. At the same time, do not focus on despair or gloom, but understand that there is a quantum field of possibilities, and focus on the positive.

To be calm among the chaos, believe that the world is changing; that people are waking up to the potential of co-creating harmonious and supportive financial, business, political, health, and other systems.

We have the tools or the resources to awaken the visionary, the architect and the builder within us, to fire up hope, and to activate others.

Life is about experiences or moments. Living consciously and choosing to evolve spiritually help us to love and know ourselves, and to stay calm under pressure.

There has been a wakening to world-wide darkness. The darkness has always been there, but 2020 has seen it more visible or apparent to many people around the globe.

We are collectively purging the shadow. Some Souls have been misdirecting Source energy, but know that they can change if they want to. Souls are awakening en-masse and will consciously transform our human systems.

Let space and light in by releasing what is holding you back.

Do not worry about what you can’t see, but focus on where you can find and cultivate light and love on this planet.

It’s all OK. If you have a problem that you can’t change now, focus on acceptance and gratitude and on what you can change.

What you can’t change is then none of your business, as explained by Heather Noel of “the Giving Game “ in her video “How To Feel Better”.

Everyone is on their own path, and what you don’t do (while doing the next right thing that you can do) someone else can do, because we are all in this together.

How I Am Loving Myself and Being Calm

Over the decades some of the tools that I have used to progress spiritually to love myself and stay calm are mantras, frequency music, and reading and listening to and applying widely available information that looks at our spiritual nature and at the unity consciousness behind everything. I am sharing information about mantras and frequency music now.

A mantra is an instrument of the mind. It is a repeated powerful sound or vibration or frequency that you can use to enter a deep state of meditation.When a mantra is chanted silently or aloud, it creates thought-energy waves, and the person chanting resonates in tune with the energy (intention) or the frequency of the chant. Reciting mantras has the ability to change the mind, body, and soul.

A Morning Mantra (say this aloud preferably, or silently in your head after practising it aloud, up to 3 times)

I am the Monad

I am the Light Divine

I am Love

I am Will

I am Fixed Design

Notes: A monad is a spark of the creator force of pure Light. The “Light Divine” is the nature of the monad. Love is about Living One Vibrational Energy. “Will” is the first ray of the Creator, where will-power created the monads. Fixed design means all comes from the Creator force of divine Light.

A Day-time Mantra (repeat this preferably aloud, throughout the day)

Peace, Love and Light

A Bed-time Mantra (repeat this aloud, with meaning, before sleeping, and repeat silently while going to sleep)

Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

Human-kind has created fascinating powerful tools or instruments, beyond the comprehension of many at the start of the twentieth century.


We need to use our tools wisely. We need to use our basic tools of thinking, feeling, and free-will consciously.

I believe that this decade will see a rising of the use of tools or technology that will benefit many positively.

Being loved gives you courage and strength, and loving yourself gives you confidence and strength. Loving yourself and being loved and being calm are tools to help you do the next right thing.

Everything has a frequency. Sound occurs when particles vibrate or move.

Solfeggio frequencies form part of an ancient scale that was rediscovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo in 1974. There are 6 special electromagnetic frequencies, which help calm and ease the mind. One hertz is equal to one cycle per second, or one cycle between waves of light. For example, 285 Hertz music is associated with energising a person and evoking feelings of safety.

These frequencies were originally used in Gregorian chants many hundreds of years ago, and recently they were brought back to everybody’s attention for their healing powers.

Solfeggio frequencies induce movements of consciousness that stimulate changes for individuals who would like to achieve awakening. Following is a public video by the Mantra Collective. It runs for one hour, but you don’t have to listen to the entire one hour at a sitting.

Here are links to two YouTube Channels with other frequency music that may help you.

Spirit Tribe Awakening

The Meditative Mind

The Take Away

Loving yourself unconditionally and being calm are super-powers. They are the foundation of your spiritual evolution.

Allow your Soul to flood your consciousness and enter your body, to take sovereignty and be fully immersed within your Be-ing.

Resolve to make self-love and calmness your hallmarks for wellness, which will show others this way too. Start your Spiritual Odyssey today.

Like Dave in “2001 A Space Odyssey” you will transform into a Star Child, or a highly awakened being.

With the knowledge that we are all One among infinite potential, we can join our individual unique energies to co-create changes for the better of all. Our Souls will lead us there.

Stanley Kubrick, the Director of “2001 A Space Odyssey” said about the movie’s ending.

“The idea was supposed to be that he is taken in by god-like entities, creatures of pure energy and intelligence with no shape or form.”

“When they get finished with him, as happens in so many myths of all cultures in the world, he is transformed into some kind of super being and sent back to Earth” Kubrick concludes.

These original creators (God-like entities in the movie) are us.

They are the part of us, our Monads or sparks of Source, which are manifested partly into human form.

In the movie, Dave made a fresh start by accepting and flowing with his unique journey, including the outcome of him confronting the monolith on Jupiter.

The elixir is the return to the Divine blue-print, i.e. all living beings being happy or content.

The original Creators (Source) intervened, and despite his and humanity’s trials, Dave was given a second chance.

Likewise, our individual stories and collective story follow the pattern of a great deal of mythology, including the “ Hero’s Journey.”

The Hero’s Journey of humankind is about moving from what is thought normal to new terrain, through heeding the call to learn to grow or evolve, through knowledge, trials, interactions, and lessons learned.

Many of us embark upon a personal “Hero’s Journey”. We do this through our interactions with allies, enemies, and mentors, through ordeals and “dark nights of the personality”, to seizing the “moment” in order to push through our barriers and limitations on the road to resurrection.

And resurrection, i.e. humanity collectively living patterns of loving, harmonious co-creation leads to the return of the elixir.

In 1968 when the movie “2001 A Space Odyssey” was released, some people reading this story were not born yet. But some say that everything happens at once in the 4-D space-time planes, and in 5-D, the plane of Unity Consciousness.

By engin akyurt on Unsplash

The movie themes of the dehumanisation of progress and the inevitable evolution of humans in the story are valid to all in 2021, as experiences.

A fresh start for humanity and each one of us necessitates self-love and the strength of being calm under pressure.

Join me in Earth’s collective epic story of anchoring and harnessing love and light.

Loving oneself gives you the power to make your journey as the best possible version of yourself. Being calm gives you the power and the motivation to courageously take the next right step.

Accept what we can’t change in the moment, and change what we can, moment by moment, for the good of all; while being open to the right moment to exert influence. A high frequency being magnetises peace and calmness, happiness or contentment, protection, harmony, self-love, and material needs met, while in service to humanity.

Let’s make it our collective resolution to use our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual tools for the redemption of heart-centred living. To do this, each one of us needs to love oneself unconditionally and be calm.

Up until 2021 self-love and calmness were way behind my A-list, but now I have discovered that they are the fresh start that we all need.

Make 2021 a fresh start for all. Write a new story.

Lockdown Peaceful Space - Live, Love, Learn

A Safe Space for Sharing our Self-caring

Celine Lai

Written by

Trustworthy and practical. BAppSc (Biology), Post-grad Diploma in Social Research & Evaluation. Helping you to honour yourself through self-care

Lockdown Peaceful Space - Live, Love, Learn

Positive experiences and ideas are shared in Lock-down which matter out of isolation too

Celine Lai

Written by

Trustworthy and practical. BAppSc (Biology), Post-grad Diploma in Social Research & Evaluation. Helping you to honour yourself through self-care

Lockdown Peaceful Space - Live, Love, Learn

Positive experiences and ideas are shared in Lock-down which matter out of isolation too

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