Age: 21 
Position: SF
College: Oregon, Junior
Height w/o Shoes: 6’5”
Height w/ Shoes: 6’6”
Weight: 220
Wingspan: 6’6”
Standing Reach: 8’4½”
Max Vertical: 37.5”
(Via Draft Express)
College Statistics (2016/2017)
MPG: 25.5
PPG: 16.0
RPG: 3.3
STLPG: 1.1
APG: 2.7
FT%: 74.4%
2-PT FG%: 52.6%
3-PT FG%: 40.4%
2017 Big Board Ranking
Kevin O’Connor: 65
Chad Ford: 45
Draft Express: 52
Sports Illustrated: 65
CBS Sports: 50
3 Things to Know
1. Threat on offense
2. Must improve his defense and decision making
3. Confident and unafraid
- Physical player and absorbs contact well
- Strong body and frame covers lack of length
- Can space the floor well and always ready to catch and shoot
- Good shooting mechanics
- Trail 3 threat
- Can rise up out of “hang” dribble 
- Good jab step sets up step-back
- Attacks closeouts hard
- Physical finisher around the rim
- Also has decent touch from the mid-post
- Great passing vision
- Confident
- Not afraid of the moment. Clutch performer

- Hard time finishing in crowd of bigger players
- Lacks lateral quickness and ability to contain quicker guards
- As a stretch 4 in small ball lineup, has a hard time guarding bigger 4s
- Predictable head down straight line driver in ISOs
- Throws up careless shots when he can’t get to the rim
- Needs to improve ball handling and change of direction
- Heavy ISO mentality
- Questionable shot selection
- Can he play good man defense?
- Bad vision in help defense
- Inconsistent box out efforts
The 2017 Pac 12 player of the year decided to forego his senior season and enter the NBA draft. Brooks dominated the college scene with his attitude and aggressiveness to help Oregon reach the Elite Eight and Final Four in back to back years. Brooks has a versatile offensive game where he can shoot the lights out with a good percentage beyond the arc, or he’ll use his physicality to attacks closeout hard by driving and finishing at the rim. His balance and shooting mechanics give him good range along with his smooth step-back out of a jab step, which allows him to create space. Perhaps Brooks’ biggest strength is his mentality and confidence. He’s never afraid of the moment and always wants the ball when the lights are the brightest like in his two notable game winners at Cal and at #2 UCLA. Brooks sometimes has difficulty playing against bigger 4s on both offensive and defense. On offense, he tends to sometimes make poor decisions by taking careless shots when he isn’t able to bully his way to the rim. On defense, he can’t contain the guys who are built taller and bigger than him, and he also has a problem defending quicker guards. Since Oregon played a lot of zone, some scouts question whether Brooks is a capable man defender, but even in a zone defense there were times when he was caught napping in the helpside position. Overall Brooks has a tremendous offensive game that comes with its fair share of question marks on the defensive side, but look for Brooks to be drafted sometime in the 2nd round.

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