GET TO KNOW 2017 NBA DRAFT PROSPECTS- Edrice “Bam” Adebayo

Age: 19 
Position: C
College: Kentucky, Freshman
Height w/o Shoes: 6’8 ¾”
Height w/ Shoes: 6’9 ¾”
Weight: 243
Wingspan: 7’2 ¾”
Standing Reach: 9’0”
Max Vertical: 38.5”
(Via Draft Express)
College Statistics (2016/2017)
MPG: 30.1
PPG: 13.0
RPG: 8.0
ASTPG: 0.8
BLKPG: 1.5
FT%: 65.3%
2-PT FG%: 60.1%
(Did not attempt a 3-PT shot)
2017 Big Board Ranking
Kevin O’Connor: 27
Chad Ford: 23
Draft Express: 37
Sports Illustrated: 26
CBS Sports: 29
Best-Case Scenario, Bismack Biyombo, Montrezl Harrell
3 Things to Know
1. Fluid and nimble but strong at the same time
2. Needs to add versatility on offense (Potential mid-range game)
3. Will benefit from learning and gaining more experience 
- Excellent rim runner
- Light on his feet and very bouncy athlete (Lob target)
- Uses strong body to create space in the post (Loves to dunk)
- Good instincts at the rim on putback dunks
- Uses body to get rebounds
- At times has a good motor and aggression for the ball
- Slides his feet and can defend perimeter 4s
- Fluid enough to stay with quicker and smaller 4s
- Active feet on defense
- Covers ground and passing lanes well
- Potential to be a great rim protector
- Potentially develop into a mid-range threat
- Limited face-up game
- Uncomfortable in the high post
- Needs to improve touch off of jump hook
- Will need to improve using his left hand
- Struggles with guards digging down
- Needs to improve court vision
- Needs to learn more concepts and fundamentals on defense
- Could stand to become even more physical on defense
- Bites on fakes and needs to improve his focus
- Tends to stand and watch at times when rebounding
- Will need to rely on motor and technique on defense and rebounding
Edrice “Bam” Adebayo is an intriguing 19-year-old prospect from the University of Kentucky. Adebayo is an extremely athletic big man who is light on his feet with a good amount of bounce that allows him to be an excellent rim runner and dunker. His quick feet allow him to be disruptive on defense with his good lateral footwork defending quicker guards on switches and his long arms disrupting passing lanes. Adebayo uses his body well when rebounding along with a good motor and aggressiveness when fighting off the glass. He’ll need to add some versatility to his offensive game by adding a jump shot to be a threat in face ups as well as some touch on his jump hooks. He also needs to improve his toughness and focus like playing through the chaos of being double-teamed in the post or guards digging down on him on the block. On defense, he’ll need to improve his technique and understanding of defensive concepts. Overall, Adebayo will benefit from watching and learning from NBA coaches who will help him gain experience and wisdom especially on the defensive side of the ball. Adebayo should be drafted towards the middle or late 1st round of the draft.

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