Age: 22
Position: PF
College: Oregon, Junior
Height w/o Shoes: 6’7”
Height w/ Shoes: 6’8 ½”
Weight: 224
Wingspan: 6’11 ¾”
Standing Reach: 8’8 ½”
Max Vertical: 38”
(Via Draft Express)
College Statistics (2016/2017)
MPG: 29.1
PPG: 11.0
RPG: 8.7
ASTPG: 1.8
BLKPG: 2.3
FT%: 69.4%
2-PT FG%: 66.1%
3-PT FG%: 15.4%
2017 Big Board Ranking
Kevin O’Connor: 30
Chad Ford: 31
Draft Express: 32
Sports Illustrated: 37
CBS Sports: 25
Best-Case Scenario: Udonis Haslem, Darrell Arthur
3 Things to Know
1. Excellent defensive and rebounding potential
2. Needs to improve versatility on offense
3. Needs to work on using fundamentals over pure athleticism
- Runs the floor well
- Good coordination and can finish on the move
- Excellent energy and pursuit
- Good diver out of the pick and roll
- Great defensive awareness on help side defense
- Bounce and athleticism allow him to recover when beat
- Works hard to deny post entries
- Can read ball handlers and passing lanes well
- Ability to contain ball handlers out of the pick and roll
- Makes multiple efforts on the offensive glass
- Aggressive and not afraid of contact in a crowd
- Needs to work on moves with back to the basket on offense
- Still developing touch in the post
- Needs to improve jump shot
- Inconsistent shooting mechanics and slow release
- Struggles with traditionally sized bigs on the block
- Limited reach makes it hard to contest some shots
- Struggles to rebound against size
- Relies too much on athleticism when rebounding (Needs to find a body)
- Shot blocking nature moves him out of position when rebounding
Jordan Bell offers a lot of potential and intrigue for teams in tonight’s NBA Draft. Bell’s excellent 2016/2017 campaign, which saw him win the 2017 Pac 12 Defensive Player of the year, helped him come to the conclusion of skipping his senior season at Oregon. Bell has crazy athleticism which allows him to run the floor well and be a nice lob target. His athleticism really comes into play on the defensive side of the ball as he can recover when he’s beat or use his good lateral quickness to contain guards on switches. He also brings a ton of energy to his game, which allows him to make multiple efforts when rebounding or working hard to deny post entries on the block. Bell will need to add some offensive versatility to his game like a jump shot and touch in the post in order to be a threat in the NBA. On the glass, Bell needs to work on the fundamentals of rebounding like always trying to body up and finding a man rather than solely relying on his athleticism. His habit of not boxing out was seen during the end of the Final Four game this season where UNC got the game-winning rebound off of a free throw. Bell has a ton of potential to become a defensive menace in the NBA for whatever team chooses him. Look for Bell to be selected towards the end of the 1st round or the beginning of the 2nd.