Age: 21
Position: PF
College: Syracuse, Sophomore
Height w/o Shoes: 6’8.25”
Height w/ Shoes: 6’9.5”
Weight: 215 lbs
Wingspan: 7’0”
Standing reach: 8’11.5”
Max Vertical: 33.5”
Via DraftExpress
College Statistics (Sophomore year)
MPG: 36.1
PPG: 13.2
RPG: 8.6
BLKPG: 1.4
STLPG: 1.0
APG: 2.1
FT%: 83.6%
2-PT FG%: 52.3%
3-PT FG%: 39.2%
Via Draft Express

Best Case Comparison: Donyell Marshall, Raef LaFrentz, Brian Scalabrine
2017 Big Board Ranking
Kevin O’Connor: 52
Chad Ford: 34
Draft Express: 24
Sports Illustrated: 41
CBS Sports: 33
3 Things To Know 
1. Lydon must strengthen his body in order to contribute at the NBA level, where he is unlikely to be protected by a 2–3 zone like he was at Syracuse.
2. Lydon’s shooting touch shows his potential to be a valuable stretch 4.
3. Lydon’s sticking in the NBA will depend on his ability to improve physically, allowing him to be a reliable defender against bigger players as he does have average quickness but needs to bulk up. He also must continue to improve his range as his biggest strength is the ability to shoot compared to other prospects his size.
- Solid shooter
- Easy transition to NBA range
- Quick trigger and high release
- Excellent footwork when preparing to shoot on the move
- Looks to have pick and pop potential
- Stretch four fit
- Ambidextrous around the cup
- Soft Touch, allowing him to be good finisher if he bulks up
- Intelligent cutter who has the ability to finish above the rim
- Intelligent passer
- Only an average rebounder
- Not a shot blocker outside of Syracuse’s patented 2–3 zone
- Lacks size and strength to defend NBA big men
- Not quick enough to guard wings
- Average frame and athleticism
- Limited defensive upside
- Slow first step causing more difficult shots such as floaters instead of dunks and layups
- Lacks fluidity when shooting off of the dribble.
- Does not effectively create space. 
Tyler Lydon is an intriguing prospect as a potential forward benefiting from the NBA’s shift towards shooting more threes and employing smaller lineups more frequently. Lydon, a 6’9.5” 215 forward who attended Syracuse specialized as a big man who could really shoot the ball from downtown. Lydon was never extremely heavily recruited, yet he began turning heads by starring as a freshman in Syracuse’s run to the Final Four in 2016. The main advantage of Lydon attending Syracuse in terms of his draft stock may have come in the form of eliminating him from playing perimeter defense as they play their trademark 2–3 zone defense. However, Lydon’s upside as a shooter may be limited by his unknown and potentially weak defensive abilities. He demonstrated an ability to shoot the three well in college, alluring to many teams in need of a pick and pop type player, shooting spot-up threes from the 4 position, rather than clogging up the lane as traditional big men have done for years. Lydon also has the ability to rebound well for having a smaller frame and not being a freak athlete, assuring the teams of his physicality along with his silky touch from the outside. In summary, Lydon projects to be an end of first round pick to the middle of the second round selection that has the potential to contribute as a role player immediately and potentially develop into a very valuable player further in his career, specializing as a floor spacer.

Draft reports compiled by Garrett Furubayashi and Leif Thulin

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