Projecting Jazz 3 point shooting for 17–18

This is very rudimentary, however I thought it was eye opening. The Jazz have lost Gordon Hayward and George Hill who were great shooters. At the same time they have replaced Trey Lyles and Boris Diaw who had very poor three point shooting seasons in 2016–17.

Taking the last year averages of all the Jazz players and projecting Donovan Mitchell to be league average of 1.4 makes on 3.8 attempts at 36.8% it was surprising to see how similar the Jazz are to last years shooting.

Last year, the Jazz were 17th in attempts but 11th when you consider % of attempts. In addition, the Jazz system created the 4th most amount of corner 3s in the NBA.

The Jazz were 9th best in the NBA at 36.9% three point shooting. Taking the average numbers of the Jazz new roster it moves up to 37.1%

The takeaway is that even if Rubio and Exum shoot as poorly as they did a year ago, the Jazz overall three point shooting should be similar to what it was a year ago, one of the 10 best in the NBA.

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